Friday. October 23rd

Ben and Abby are celebrating ‘being alive’ at the club. Champagne flutes set aside, Ben get serious; he hopes tonight will be a night they never forget; Abby Newman… he takes her hand. What are you guys celebrating? Abby pops up to interrupt.

Watching the breeze ruffle Delia’s tree, Billy and Vikki both feel that she’s at peace. Billy ignores his phone – he doesn’t want to think about Adam tonight.

All are gathered on the courthouse steps as Mike leads a handcuffed Adam to the transport van. A car suddenly mows him down and speeds off. All are horrified. Adam!!??? Open your eyes – call an ambulance!! Chelsea yells; she and Victor bent over his motionless body.

Christian’s grown 40 grams since yesterday. He looks bigger, stronger. He’ll be a bruiser. Nick assures Sage that they’ll one day soon be able to take Christian home. This gives Nick time to finish the nursery – and here’s some blue paint strips to choose a colour from.

As Adam’s loaded onto a gurney and into an ambulance, Victor points at Jack – he wants answers on where Billy Boy is. Nikki does her usual ‘Victor please’. Mike grabs Chelsea – you can’t go with Adam – he’s a prisoner!

Telling Ashley that she and Ben aren’t celebrating anything special, Abby’s surprised to hear Adam was sentenced to 10 years. Ben’s called away – but will be back to pick up where he left off. That leaves Abby to share her suspicion that Ben was about to propose. That’s nice, Ash says. Nice? That all you’ve got? No – Ashley has more…

Now at CL’s, Billy feels he can live without rage and guilt – thanks to Vikki (whom he’s also hurt by punishing himself) I love you, and our kids. Jack arrives to update that Adam got 10 years – but was hit by a car.

Sage picks the colour Pacific Cobalt. Good; that’s the one Nick’s already ordered. Mike arrives to update them on Adam’s 10 year sentence – but he might not make it (he’s in emerg.)

Recognizing Adam, Ben demands the cuffs be taken off. Is he gonna be OK!? Chelsea and Victor are the first to arrive at GCM – and wait as Adam’s taken into the usual examination room.

Nikki restrains a frantic Chelsea; they’re treating him like a criminal! Victor accosts Phyllis – he thinks Jack’s looking for Billy Boy (the hit and run driver) He doesn’t believe a word Billy said in court. Victor then promises Chelsea that he’ll do everything in his power….