Monday, October 26th

No time today; enjoy the typos etc. Gotta go get my cat from the vet 🙂

At GCM, Ashley has the engagement ring in her hand as she watches Abby snuggling into Ben. The coupl then jump up to chat with an antsy Chelsea – Adam can’t die on her again. Abby gives her a hug. Also waiting, Victor joins Nikki, Phyllis and Jack – to acknowledge that he made an incorrect assumption in blaming Billy Boy – he also wants to thanks Jack…..

In the neonatal until, Nick and Sage are frantic as the doctors and nurses work on Christian. Tell us he’s breathing again!!!!!

Kevin and Mariah arrive at the station asking about Adam. Paul’s not sure he’ll make it – Kev’s to pull any and all footage from around the courthouse and the South Lake Motel (we got a tip) Mariah heads back to Underground, leaving Paul to give Kevin more info on the white car (which is out of state or a rental)

Meanwhile, a mysterious gloved hand leaves key from GC Car Rental on what appears to be the bar at Underground.

Back at GCM, Victor thanks Jack for speaking on Adam’s behalf at court (then hints that he should leave) Jack will be HERE – that’s all Adam ever wanted; someone to be here for him. Nikki leads Victor off for a walk. Jack’s left to make it clear to Phyllis that he’s not going anywhere.

The doctor assures Nick and Sage that this is fairly common in preemies. As Nick literally drags Sage out of neonatal, Nikki appears to give Sage a motherly hug – it’ll be OK.

Chelsea’s reassured by Abby and Ben. No, she’s not leaving. Abby has an idea – come with me. Ben promises to call if anything changes. Ashley comes over to praise Ben on his kindness – then shows him the ring she found in Abby’s champagne glass.

Kevin tells Paul that he’s ‘got a hit’. And he doesn’t need a list of rentals – we’ve got the driver. Paul peers at the monitor – that’s Chloe.

Anybody here? Mariah hears a noise at Underground – who’s here? Chloe appears – I need your help.

OMG – the ring – Ben chides himself for being an idiot. Ashley wonders if his forgetfulness was Freudian. It wasn’t that long ago that Ben couldn’t get HER off his mind – that’s disturbing. It feels like a long time ago to Ben. Have you spoken to Abby’s Father? Ashley asks. Victor’s not the parent Ben’s worried about.