Thursday, October 22nd

No time today.

The jury has reached a verdict. With the 5 minutes before they reconvene, Adam tries to thank Billy – who doesn’t want his gratitude – or Chelsea’s when she and Vikki return. Jack pokes his head in – the jury’s back already? Chelsea gives Adam a hug.

As Chris and Mike both receive texts, Phyllis defends Jack to Ashley. Ester hugs Kevin and Mariah. Lauren arrives – she’s a fan of Mike’s, not Adam’s. Nikki’s updates Victor (who surprisingly says that if Adam has any chance, it’s because of Billy) Whatever happens, I love you, Chelsea tells Adam. All rise – the Judge returns.

Cane’s at home with his only two supporters – Lily and Neil. Paul arrives with an officer and a search warrant.

At the club, Devon shows Dylan a search warrant he’s been served for Cane’s gym locker – which he’s more than happy to do – this way officers. That leaves Dylan to tell nosy Joe that Lily’s standing by her husband – leave them alone. You don’t get to tell me what to do, Joe points out.

The Judge announces that Adam’s been found guilty of felony hit and run in the death of Cordelia Abbott. Adam turns to scan the crowd, settling on a blank faced Billy.

Neil and Lily restrain Cane; who’s pissed at the police harassment. This is humiliating – imagine if the kids were here?! The police are trying to frame me – of course Cane’s angry. He doesn’t care how his aggression looks – I didn’t do this.

The cops leave with a bagged hoody – just like the guy who took the ransom money. Lots of people wear hoodies, Joe chimes in. Devon’s never seen Cane wear one. The evidence keeps piling up. And look what he’s putting my sister through – after ‘this guy’ (Joe)

Mike and Chris are given time to ensure those delivering impact statements are present. Sentencing will take place after a short recess. I’m going to prison for 10-15 years, Adam assumes. Mike’s optimistic – the fight is far from over. When Billy leaves with Vikki, Kevin goes after him – how could you forgive Adam!? Chloe’s not here – you have to be the parent who speaks up! Someone has to make sure Adam gets what’s coming to him – if you won’t, I will!

Lily, Cane and Neil are now at the club – at least the cops found nothing incriminating at the house. No, but Devon tells them all about the hoody found in Cane’s gym locker. Cane’s been too buys to go the gym – and his 3 number lock hardly makes his locker Fort Knox! Neil reminds that Cane’s family – he wouldn’t be so two faced. Dylan then joins them to say security footage shows Cane going to the gym with something under his arm the day after the ransom drop – care to explain?