Friday, November 6th

Not getting a warm welcome from Hilary, Devon’s sure she’ll soon remember what they once shared. Hilary already has.

At the club, Gwen whines that she hasn’t seen much of Neil – who wants to go see Hilary. Gwen thought this would all be over with. She’s not talking about Hilary’s memory loss, but that she’s still in love with Neil.

Ashley and Billy hug at GCM. Abby spent the night there with Ben. He’s stable but hasn’t woken up. Billy wants to know how Ashley’s doing. She’s alive because of Adam – how scary is that? Ashley hadn’t sent Abby off for help, but to save herself. Billy wonders what she thought about when facing death – what happened between you and Stitch in that building?

Abby’s relieved when Ben wakes up to say her name. She has so much to tell him. We’re all OK – me and Mom. Ben has something he needs to tell Abby.

After peeking in a a sleeping Sage, Nick’s given coffee by Vikki (who wishes she could do more) Nick hasn’t talked to Sage (who was sedated overnight) Now Nick needs to think about arrangements. With a hug, Vikki offers to handle everything.

Dylan literally bumps into Dr Anderson at Fairview – he’s left numerous messages saying he’d be visiting Sharon. He NEEDS to see his fiance. Dr A puts her patient’s wishes above his needs. Dylan’s not taking no for an answer – he takes issue with what’s going on at Fairview. If it’s such a great place, how did Patty escape and end up dead? What happened to Patty has nothing to do with Sharon or the treatment she’s receiving. Yeah, well, Dylan thinks this is the last place Sharon should be.

Abby tips some water into Ben’s mouth. Shh – I know what you’re going to say – my Mom told me – you poured your heart out. Abby, I …. Shh – Abby thinks it sweet that he can’t wait to marry her (she can’t either)

What exactly is Billy asking? Ashley gets defensive. I was terrified out of my mind – forgive me if I don’t want to rehash it. Let’s just be grateful. They then discuss Ian Ward trying to kill everyone. Paragon seems to gone – but they’ll keep their eyes open.

Nick doubts Sage will be up for a big church service. It can be small, Vikki says – here in the hospital chapel. Nick thinks that might be best – then when Sage is released they can go home and try to move forward. There’s nothing anyone ‘can do’.

Dr Anderson tells Dylan that Patty was improving, but then started resisting treatment – became combative – the opposite of Sharon (who’s getting better) She doesn’t want any visitors. Dylan wants to hear that from her (and watches Sharon sleep through the window; he belly a visible bulge)

Hilary’s not in love with me, Neil says – both he and Devon have told her that. Gwen wonders if Neil doesn’t mind if she is. He knows this hasn’t been easy on Gwen. She just wants to be together. Neil claims that’s the plan. And Hilary? She’s not part of the plan.

Hilary remembers kissing Devon in the park – before she married Neil (whom she loves) Devon was a brief infatuation. No, it’s real, Devon insists. Hilary doesn’t feel anything for Devon – she loves Neil. Devon will give Hilary time – perhaps if we spend some time together. Hilary will think about his generous offer of a suite at the club, no strings. Devon implores Hilary to believe they were in love. True or not, Hilary doesn’t feel that way now. Devon won’t give up – I believe in us, and these (the wedding rings)

Look how soundly she’s sleeping, Dr Anderson watches with Dylan (who agrees) We shouldn’t disturb Sharon. Dylan’s placated with a sonogram on Dr A’s tablet. Yes, the baby’s doing great. Wow – look at that, Dylan smiles – little fingers – little face. This is really happening. Thank you. Dylan doesn’t want to know the sex of the baby unless Sharon clears it. He then relays Patty’s last words to Jack – he can’t trust her. Who is her? You must have some insight. Yes, Dr A does – there’s some things Dylan must know.

Sage awakens, Nick at her side. Please tell me it’s a bad dream, she’s again in tears – no, no, don’t say it. Our little boy’s gone, Nick confirms.