Thursday, November 5th

In the Towers lobby, Adam and Victor stare at one another – as Ashley, Abby, Paul and Dylan tend to an unconscious Ben.

In Nick’s arms, a weepy Sage knows she should hold Christian, but can’t bear to see him cold and lifeless. You don’t have to, Nick comforts her. He knew we loved him. Sage doesn’t want Nick to go in to see him either. He fought so hard, Nick will remember that ~hug~

Dr Anderson’s surprised to see Sharon out of bed – go back to your room. Sharon wants to see Patty – she heard an orderly talking about her. Did something happen to Patty? She’s been resisting treatment and broke out of her room – we don’t know where she went, Dr A claims. She went to see Dylan, Sharon informs.

Back at GCM, Dylan’s sorry – but nobody can save Ashley, Abby etc. Nikki again praises Dylan – a lot of us are alive because of you.

Lily whines to Joe – how could she be so cruel to Cane? I love him (but clings to Joe)

Meanwhile, in the lobby, Paul calls in for help – we have more survivors. Ben? Ben? Ashley pleads – Ben remains motionless.

When a nurse arrives to take Christian, Sage doesn’t want him taken to a dark, cold place. I’ll find a doctor, the nurse leaves Sage weeping in Nick’s arms.

Patty told you she was going to see Dylan? Dr A asks. Yes, but Sharon doesn’t know about what – I can’t remember – perhaps she should call Dylan. No, that’s not what’s best for Sharon – more meds is. I said no, Sharon doesn’t like the way they make her feel.

Lily continues to worry to Joe (about Cane) Leaning on Chelsea, Adam doesn’t want Mike blamed for his escape. You’ve got bigger problems, Paul wants to hear the whole story. Adam knows who started the fire – Ian Ward. Lily leaps up when Cane appears – he wants to see the kids (not a doctor) Joe watches them walk away together. Victor then updates all that Abby and Ashley are OK – Ben, not so much. Adam saved them all, Victor wants Paul to apologize and thank him. Instead, Chris comes to handcuff Adam – who’s facing charges for his escape. Down the hall, Ashley and Abby watch through the window as Dr Shelby treats Ben.

Dr Shelby updates Abby and Ashley on Ben’s condition – the ventilator is keeping him alive (basically, he may not live) Dr S is doing everything he can – Abby’s welcome to consult with another doctor. The next 24 hours will determine a lot.

Victor and Chelsea object to Chris wanting to take Adam away. Paul opposes his wife – Adam saved lives – if not for him, GCM would be filled with grieving people right now. Treat Adam before he’s transferred – it’s the right thing to do. Chris complies. Paul then tells Dylan that Patty didn’t escape (per Jack)

Sharon doesn’t want to feel this way anymore – she’s going off the drugs. Fine – if you want to jeopardize the baby (and your relationship with Dylan) Dr A then manipulates Sharon into taking more meds – she wants her to be the best Mother she can be to Faith and the new baby.

Back at GCM, Nick announces to all that Christian’s gone. Nikki, Victor and Dylan offer condolences – for Sage too (she’s one of us now – she’ll need our support) Nick walks off – he wants to be alone. As her parents hug, Vikki looks shocked.