Monday, November 9th

Chelsea and Adam snuggle in his hospital bed. Oh how happy she is that he’s alive. Don’t scare me like that ever again. Adam vows to always come back to Chelsea and Connor. This is ridiculous, Mike sputters as he follows Chris and a uniform in – it’s time to go to prison.

In her hospital room, Sage awakens to the echoes of a baby’s cry. Christian! Oh Christian. Reality results in sobbing.

In the lounge, Vikki’s finished making plans for the service. Nick comes along to say there won’t be anyone invited to speak. There won’t be a memorial.

At Jabot, Jack and Phyllis are eager to hear Billy’s plan. Is it time to finish Victor off? No – no blood – no coup. Billy proposes they save Victor’s ass. No way in hell! Phyllis snaps.

Luca accosts Victor at his table at the club – to offer his family’s assistance in his recovery.

At the bottom of the stairs, Marisa watches as Victor rejects Luca’s offer – he hasn’t even completed their last deal yet (failing at getting rid of Marisa) Good day son, Victor leaves Luca to face Marisa’s question; why are you talking to Victor Newman?

Phyllis and Jack are not happy with Billy’s plan, and won’t cuddle up to Victor because they both hate Ian Ward. Giving Jabot’s office space to Victor is a romantic gesture towards Vikki, Phyllis suspects it might even be her idea.

Back at GCM, Vikki talks to Nick about how Sage is grieving. Should I talk to her? Vikki offers – one Mother to another – about celebrating Christian’s life. Nick admits it might be better coming from Vikki. He’d prefer the service be held before they leave GCM. After Vikki exits, Summer and Noah enter to hug their Dad.

Chris feels the State has been very generous by letting Adam stay an extra night – but today he starts serving his sentence. Leaving Chelsea and Adam to hug, Mike scolds Chris, the ‘bully’. Hit and runs might be too personal for her (since she’s been run over twice) Chris warns that she can still charge Mike with helping his client escape.

Luca tells Marisa that his family wants to help Victor. She doesn’t believe that – but thinks Noah’s grandfather and Luca’s father are a lot alike. Rejecting Marisa’s idea that they go out for dinner and dancing, Luca gripes about her mentioning Noah’s name. Here’s a name for you – Eva. That’s what they call our daughter. Eva! Marisa’s left to gasp.

Nick’s not sure how to tell Faith about her baby brother. Summer and Noah tell him it’s not his fault. OK, Nick will go tell the Minister there might be a service after all. Getting a text, Noah leaves Summer to wait by herself.

Sage shares her grief with Vikki, then snaps when the loss of Eve comes up. This is about MY baby, not YOURS, she barks. Don’t you dare say this is the same thing!