Wednesday, November 11th

Adam denies he could have Fathered Sage’s baby – a paternity test was done. Victor knows Adam could have fudged the results to hide his identity (and save his world from crashing down)

My son is gone, Nick sits on the floor sobbing. As Chelsea sits down to hold and comfort him, Sage watches, unseen.

Gwen balks at Dr Sketchy’s request that she finish what he started. It’s imperative, he insists. Gwen can’t just walk up to Hilary with a cure for her amnesia. Well if she doesn’t take these pills, there might be side effects – life threatening side effects.

At GCM, Devon ends a call with Dr Cutler. The Swiss Dr Victor hired won’t come back to GC. It took him years to develop his cocktail. Whomever treated Hilary used her like a guinea pig, Devon rants to Dylan. He messed with my wife’s mind. Sure, we found her – but she’s still lost to me.

Hilary remembers Neil standing right in front of her. Where? At the wedding – you forgave ma and Devon. And since Neil admits he hadn’t quite forgiven them, Hilary wonders why he said all those nice things.

Adam scoffs at Victor’s world of fairy tale fantasy. Sure he’s onto something, Victor thinks Adam bribed a lab technician to keep his mouth shut. The only reason Adam didn’t leave GC is because he wanted to bring him (Victor) down)

Chelsea helps Nick up – there’s no right way to grieve – everyone understands and supports you. Not everyone, Nick mopes (Sage has already headed back to her room)

It’s not Dr Sketchy’s fault that the treatment wasn’t finished. He’s not sure Hilary will die – but it’s possible IF Gwen doesn’t find a way to give her these drugs!

Back at GCM, Devon wants to override the drugs that are effecting Hilary’s memory. Perhaps her favourite food or music will help. Thinking of Sharon, Dylan says that sometimes you have to tak ea step back – give the person you love time to heal. And what if they don’t? Devon worries.

Neil says that’s it complicated. And painful – but Hilary needs to know what happened. Neil confides that he was furious at the betrayal. He didn’t mean the nice things he said at the wedding – he wanted them to suffer, so followed the honeymooners to BVI. I was there when you fell.

Why didn’t Neil say anything before now? He hoped Hilary would remember by herself. Yes, it was Neil Hilary was arguing with in the cliff. He wanted to show her a video. Devon with a prostitute the night of his bachelor party. But no, Devon didn’t cheat – Neil made it look like he did. How far were you willing to go? Hilary wonders if Neil pushed her off the cliff. No – Neil saved Hilary’s life.