Thursday, November 12th

At the club, Victor and Nikki are both glad she’s moved back to the ranch – we’re good for each other; have been through so much – draw strength from each other. Nikki praises Victor’s words at the memorial – he’s concerned about Adam, NE and it’s employees – Nikki will be by Victor’s side as he fights for all of it. Mike arrives with bad news – Chris had Victor’s friend/Judge replaced with a no nonsense Judge.

At the courthouse, Chris kisses the new Judge’s ass – you’re the perfect Judge for the Newman appeal. I’m the absolute wrong choice, the woman disagrees.

Visiting Adam, Jack declares Connor’s artwork ‘brilliant’. Adam fears his son will forget about him while he’s in prison. Jack will help Adam all he can – but if it is 10 years, he (as legal guardian) is still willing to protect Connor from Victor.

Gwen and Neil are at the park (she’s summoned Dr Neville to meet them) We need to warn him to lay low for a while – he’s a loose cannon but his first priority is Hilary – without the pills he believes she might die.

Yes, Devon followed Hilary – her being here (at the boathouse) must mean she remembered something, right? Yeah, Hilary thinks so. What do you remember? Devon wonders.

Neil leaves Hilary a ‘call me’ message, then explains why he told her the truth. He thinks Dylan’s the real problem – he got Neville’s name from Emma – what exactly did you tell her? Gwen denies telling Emma anything, and whines that things have changed between her and Neil since Hilary woke up in love with him. Neil reiterates – we need to get to Neville before Dylan does. Gwen still thinks Hilary a bigger problem – she could be talking to the cops right now.


Seeing her ‘dream house’, Hilary realizes that Neil really cared for her. Oh, Devon was hoping she remembered something about THEIR relationship. Hilary only knows about the house because Neil told her. She’s then shocked (and disgusted) when hearing about Neil’s accident – we cheated on my husband while he was blind!???

Victor doesn’t think it matters which Judge presides; Mike’s to paint Adam as the hero he is; he saved lives. Yes, but this Judge is nicknamed ‘Maximum’ (for obvious reasons) Hearing her name, Nikki wrinkles her nose – Elise Moxley? Mike’s right – Adam’s appeal could be in trouble. Victor sends the ‘gloomy’ Mike off to do the job he’s being paid for, leaving Nikki to remind Victor that he hates that woman. Meh – hate’s a strong word.

Adam appreciates Jack’s offer, but he’s confident about the appeal. He has the brilliant Mike on his side. And Victor? Jack wonders if Adam expects Victor to call in another favour. And if so, what favour has Victor asked in return?

Listing Adam’s crimes, Chris thinks Judge Moxley IS perfect; she’s a Mother. What Adam did is unconscionable. What Judge Moxley thinks is unconscionable is an elected official, an officer of the court, pulling strings to give her this case. Chris denies it – backdoor tactics are not her style. Judge M realizes she’s wrong – she knows exactly whose style this is.

Back at the club, Nikki continues to rant about the Moxley’s (who backed Jack when she ran for state senate) Victor tells Nikki not to worry about a damn thing. She leaves to run some errands, but will be home later – yes to the ranch ~kiss~

Victor always has an ulterior motive, Adam knows – but maybe Paragon earned him some respect. Jack doubts that – Victor rejected his help (as he always has with you) Having owned up to his mistakes, Adam thinks Victor now sees him as a son he can love. Jack knows that Adam craves his Father’s respect, but doubts Victor will ever treat him as he does his other kids. Be careful. You be careful too (Jack looks worried)

Still at the boathouse, Devon insists that he and Hilary were in love. We both felt guilty – tried to protect Neil’s feelings. But we belonged together. If this love was so incredible, why doesn’t Hilary feel it now? Devon badgers her to remember – look into my eyes. Annoyed, Hilary threatens to leave GC if Devon doesn’t leave her alone.