Tuesday, November 10th

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At GCM, Vikki scolds her Dad on his insufferable pride (as Jack chimes in to call him pig headed) Victor will rebuild NE without any help. If you feel better about it, Billy will charge Victor rent – and not give him any of Jabot’s bagels. All clam up when Nikki appears (with Dylan) to lecture them on discussing business (we’re here to honour a child’s life)

After Noah and Summer go to fetch the family, Chelsea hopes she’s not overstepping by offering to go speak to Sage (about attending the memorial) Thanks, but Nick (and Vikki) already tried. She can’t do it. Chelsea understands.

In Sage’s room, Adam delivers some tough love – don’t be a coward. I just lost my baby! Sage orders him out. Adam wants her to get angry – and to lean on Nick. If he’s not important to you, leave and don’t look back.

Neil’s brought Hilary to a suite at the club – he wants her to feel comfortable and hope she regains her memory. Hilary still struggles with the shameful things she did – cheating on Neil with his son. How can Neil be so kind to her? Forgiveness is a two way thing – Neil might need her forgiveness one day. What could I ever have to forgive you for? Hilary can’t imagine.

In the park, Paul’s handed Hilary’s toxicology report. Why so many medications? It’s a pharmaceutical mish mash – would a doctor do this? Paul thinks someone had a plan; knew exactly what they were doing.

Disguised as a delivery man, Dr Sketchy is told that Hilary Hamilton was discharged today. Here pretty lady – you take them. As the nurse goes to put them in water, Dr Sketchy grabs Hilary’s chart and looks perturbed.

Neil suggests Hilary try harder to remember her relationship with Devon – you’ll get through it. Hilary can only remember being happy with Neil. Why would that be if she was so happy with Devon? Maybe it’s best if I don’t remember. Leaving, Neil thinks Hilary must regain her memory – for everyone’s sake.

Adam’s been through this – he and Chelsea broke up after losing a child. Make sure Christian’s life means more than a divorce statistic. Don’t be a fool as I was. Having ushered Christian into the world, Adam feels he owes him a good bye – and you do too (Adam leaves Sage to think)

After a prayer, the Minister invites people to speak. Victor is proud of the fact that Christian was named after him etc. As Adam arrives to take a seat, Nick steps up to the podium.