Monday, November 23rd

Victor talks of Chelsea fighting for Adam, despite how much he’s lied to her. Adam doesn’t regret not telling Chelsea that he Fathered Sage’s baby. But he didn’t lie about Ian Ward. Why is Victor here? Your loving wife did something not many can do – she convinced me to change my mind.

Yes, thanks to Chelsea, Victor no longer believes Adam’s behind Paragon’s return. He bow thinks Billy Boy Abbott’s behind Paragon – he’s a bigger liar than you are.

Back at Underground, Mariah doubts Victor’s onboard with the Abbott’s. She gets a call from Dr Anderson – you have a new baby brother. Mariah’s stunned – it’s too …. soon. Sharon didn’t lose the baby, Dr A assures – she delivered at full term. Sharon still wants no visitors. As Mariah asks to speak to her, Dr Anderson hangs up (leaving Mariah wondering why Dr A called her not Dylan)

Who paid you to treat Hilary? Dylan wants to know. It’s not about money – Dr Neville is devoted to saving lives. Dylan was told about his Mother’s death – why is Hilary covering for you?? You’re in a lot of trouble. Dr Neville doubts that – I’m not the bad guy here. Who is then????

Hilary catches up with Devon to stop the elevator – don’t do this. Think of your Father. She then gets on the elevator (and stops it) I’ll do anything to save Neil – just name it. What do you want? Devon just wants his wife back.

Right here? Right now? OK – let’s do it, Hilary agrees. No. Devon doesn’t want just sex. You have to know this isn’t the kind of man I am. You’re my soul mate – that’s why Devon can’t believe Hilary doesn’t remember what they sacrificed to be together. So if I say I share those feelings, those desires, you won’t send Neil to prison? OK – I accept, Hilary says. Devon gets the elevator moving – now accepting that Neil’s the man she loves. The elevator doors open – and there’s Neil.

Dr Neville has ethics to uphold – he won’t betray someone who trusted him and his unorthodox methods enough to place someone they loved under his care. Oh – so it’s someone who loved Hilary, Dylan continues to badger Neville for the truth; then offer him a deal; a name for a reduced sentence. The Chief of Police is my Dad. OK, on one condition. Dylan then calls to ask Paul to come to the motel – alone.

Billy can’t even operate a computer, Adam knows he’s not the hacker. He has an accomplice, Victor’s sure; not Kevin, not Jack. But Phyllis sure didn’t like him and Jack’s alliance. Hmmm, Billy and Phyllis, Adam mulls that over, then guesses correctly that this is the part where Victor blackmails him. He’ll tell Chelsea that Adam Fathered Sage’s baby if Adam doesn’t agree to help him.

As Sharon chats to ‘her’ son, Mariah arrives demanding to see Sharon. Dr Anderson leads her to the door – see how happy she is? Spotting them, Sharon waves to come in. I thought she didn’t want visitors, Mariah’s puzzled. Dr A guesses Sharon wants to share the good news – go ahead. She watches as Mariah’s introduced to her little brother. Neither can believe he’s actually here. But he is – thanks to Dr Anderson (who smiles smugly to herself in the hallway)

Now off the elevator, Devon won’t let Neil and Hilary change his mind. Neil seems OK with the possibility of going to prison. If so, come with me to turn yourself in, Devon challenges. Let’s go, Neil leaves Hilary looking worried.

Truth means a great deal to Chelsea, Victor points out – and he’s called Moxley to get him out of there. To fight Billy and Phyllis, Adam assumes. Yes, Victor needs a partner who thinks like he does.

Mariah warns her baby brother never to trust Victor Newman – then has him dumped into her arms. I’ve never done this before – what if I drop him? Sharon thinks him safe – and can’t wait to see him in Dylan’s arms. Mariah’s again puzzled – I thought you didn’t want to see Dylan? Or have any visitors? Mariah left Dylan a message, but will text him.

Getting Mariah’s text, Dylan calls her and is then talking to Sharon; who tells him that their baby boy is here (with Dylan distracted, Dr Neville fills up a syringe)