Monday, November 23rd

A son? Dylan’s injected and lowered to the floor by Dr Neville (as Sharon wonders what’s going on – say something Dylan) OMG, Sharon’s worried when the call is disconnected.

Adam knows the real reason Victor’s turning to him instead of Nick is because Nick has a conscience. And with Vikki in a relationship with Billy – Adam’s the only one left. Too bad he won’t stab Jack in the back. But this is against Billy and Phyllis, not Jack, Victor points out.

Devon and Neil arrive at the station to hear (from Kevin) that Paul’s been called away on a case. No, Neil’s not worried about confessing, or going to prison. He’s been in prison for a long time. Strangely, Neil must lose his freedom to gain his freedom. Neil won’t implicate Hilary or Gwen – it’s all on Neil (he wanted to make Devon suffer) No more excuses – it’s time for Neil to be a man. While he’s in prison, he thinks Hilary may fall in love with Devon again. Devon’s waited for this day – to make the person responsible (but obviously doesn’t feel good about sending his Father to prison)

Hilary looks throws the wedding album to the floor – I don’t love you Devon! I love Neil! she flashes back to kissing him the other day and cries on her bed. I can’t lose you Neil. I can’t lose you.

Neil feels he deserves to go to jail – I must take responsibility now. I had no right to play God. You saved Hilary’s life, Devon reminds. Yes, but Neil can’t carry this guilt around. But Devon’s not sure he wants to carry the guilt of putting his Father behind bars. He won’t let Neil destroy his life.

So? As the guard returns, Adam agrees to help Victor (knowing it’s a bad idea) Yes, he’s in.

Dr Anderson joins Mariah and Sharon (who thinks Dylan’s in trouble) Dr A thinks it’s normal for Sharon to be emotional right now. Sharon doesn’t want more meds – she wants to know that Dylan’s OK.

Paul’s outside the motel room, gun drawn – Dylan? Dylan? This is the police, he taps on the door. Inside he finds Dylan on the floor, unconscious.

Next: Hilary talks to two people (possibly reporters or investigators?) I was seriously injured, and the person who helped me was just trying to save me … Joe gets a phone call from Collin – I’ve got a business proposition that might suit someone of your particular talents (Cane hovers in the background, listening) … Lily’s in a suite (Joe’s?) sitting up in bed, she nervously gathers the sheets to cover herself. What are you doing here? she bleats at Cane.