Monday, November 30th

Phyllis can’t take Victor with her – she must gain Ian’s trust. But how does Victor know they won’t get info from Ian (on Paragon) to destroy him? Billy and I want to destroy Ian, not go into business with him, Phyllis ‘almost’ convinces Victor – he needs more than words – and there’s only one way to find out if Phyllis is telling the truth.

Dr Anderson goes to check on Sharon – leaving Dylan to chat with Nick; how’s Sage doing? We’re all trying to move on – it’s hard. Sullivan’s a good name – you’ll be a good Dad. Dylan hopes he can be as good a Dad as Nick is.

Sharon opens the gift Faith brought; an ornament for the Christmas tree.

No one will take me away from your or your Mommy ever again, Adam vows to Connor – and again when Chelsea comes down.

Fiddling with his fishing rod, Ian talks about casting the line and landing a big one. He then welcomes Phyllis to his humble abode. You look good for a dead man. Dead is the new 50 – call me Ian – all my enemies do, he quips. Does Victor want to come in? Or is he going to stand outside all night? Victor walks in to wonder what the next move is.

Anita takes Connor to the kitchen for lunch – leaving Adam to tell Chelsea that there’s nothing hanging over them (except this mistletoe) But there is – Chelsea reminds of the deal Adam made with his Father.

Back at the motel, Ian claims all his plans went up in smoke, literally. He’s sorry they both came all this way for nothing. Phyllis has something to say – still believing the gentle fisherman, Fred, is still in there somewhere, she appeals to him (to stop Paragon) Then I get to walk out the door? Ian chuckles – then implicates Adam.

Sage apologizes for snapping at Mariah earlier – I know you were just trying to help. Faith burst in – guess where I was!? She gushes about how cute Sully – Dr Anderson said it’s good idea for her to stay with her Mom over Christmas break. Sage doesn’t know why the doctor would say that – Faith is being very selfish – your Dad needs you right now. Sage! Nick cuts her off.

Sage apologizes again – this time to Faith. Getting nowhere, Sage goes to mope in a booth. She apologizes to Nick – it’s all my fault – just like everything else.

Everything worked out – just like Dr Anderson said it would, Sharon tells Dylan. Did I hear my name? Dr A arrives – and is firmly told that Sharon’s taking her baby home. There’s something I need to take care of, Dr A abruptly exits.

Chelsea warns Adam that Victor will want something – your help going after the Abbott’s. No – Adam’s been loyal to Jack for years – that won’t change. It already has – Chelsea points out that Adam has his real Father (so doesn’t need a substitute) It must feel like a Christmas present. But some presents come with a gift tag, she warns.

Ian tells Victor that Adam’s smarter than all his other kids put together – and he’s hard to kill. Like you? Phyllis quips. Yes – we have a lot in common, Ian smirks. Victor’s had enough – stop Paragon – NOW!