Tuesday, December 1st

In Ashley’s office, Billy tries to convince Vikki that he’s not planning anything – stop watching me. Sure – as soon as you give me reason to believe you (she’s not convinced)

In the hallway, Ashley scolds Abby for forgetting to meet Ben and the wedding planner. Forget work – the wedding is more important. You’re right, Abby agrees as she hurries off.
Entering her office and hearing Billy tells Vikki there’s nothing to worry about arouses her suspicion – what’s going on?

You want to kill her? Go ahead, Ian calls Victor’s bluff (Phyllis in a headlock)

At Underground, Ben can’t book anything with the pushy wedding planner – not until Abby arrives. Aruba, Jamaica, the pressures continues – there’s no time to spare if they want the wedding on New Year’s Eve. You are the groom after all. Which destination speaks to your heart? You’re strong and decisive – pick one now. Ben points. OK – done and done, the planner jots it down.

Nick isn’t mad at Sage – but she shouldn’t have approached Faith so soon. She’ll get over it, he’s sure. Sage badgers Nick to admit he’s mad at her. She has no idea how to be a parent – my baby died.

Chelsea and Adam (holding Connor) ooze Christmas joy. There’s something Chelsea wants to do right now – grab your coats. Hurry – this’ll be fun!

Arriving at Underground, Abby apologizes to Nona (who has to leave now to meet another client – but has ‘plenty to go on’) Ben’s left to tell Abby that she has full veto power on everything he picked.

Nick and Sage continue to butt heads. She doesn’t appreciate being criticized on her lack of maternal instincts. Nick didn’t mean to attack Sage and doesn’t want to fight. Neither does Sage (who turns Ben and Abby’s heads as she marches out for some air)

We’re all on the same side here. Ian and this Paragon nightmare will be over soon, Billy’s sure – then gives some vague details on the Geneva lead and leaves both Vikki and Ashley unconvinced.

Help me!! Phyllis croaks to Ian – who agrees to take Victor to the server. Victor throws Phyllis in the bed. Are you OK? Ian helps the ‘extraordinary woman’ hobble out after Victor.

Chelsea’s dragged Adam and Connor to the park to enjoy this fine winter day. Sage is so happy for him and his family. Yeah – I’m good, she claims – just shopping for a wreath. Chelsea not so subtly leaves Adam to make sure Sage is OK – why are you here alone? he wonders.

Nick updates Ben and Abby – there’s a wall between him and Sage. He relays the episode with Faith (who’s excited about Sully) He’s afraid to tell Sage that the Christening is tomorrow. Nick then shocks Abby with the news that Dad all but pushed him out of the family business. But you’re an asset, Abby’s puzzled. Not for what Dad has planned, Nick says.

Victor, Ian and Phyllis are now in front of the server that’s caused all the problems. Turn it off, Victor orders. I can’t! Ian shouts back.