Monday, November 30th

On her laptop, Phyllis sees a bunch of Newman files have just been leaked. Gotcha! (seems it’s lead her to Ian) Got who? Victor arrives. Yes, he remembers Newman offices are on the third floor – he’s there to see Ashley – about whatever it is Phyllis is up to with Billy Boy (which he assumes is about him) You’re right – Phyllis explains that she posted a video – and Ian viewed it. How do you know it was Ian? Victor raises a good point.

Ian and Patty are also online (at the motel) Ian’s so grateful that Patty saved him from the fire – and that she’d ‘do anything’ for him. Oh he knows Phyllis’ video is a trap – one he must spring himself.

At the penthouse, Adam decides this moment is too good for a quickie on the couch – let’s take this upstairs.

In Sharon’s room, Dylan’s eager to get her and the baby home – but agrees to wait until Dr Anderson gives them the OK.

At Underground, Faith looks at a photo of her Mom, Dylan and the baby online. Daddy’s going to take me to see my new baby brother today, she chirps (though he hasn’t quite committed) Yes, Sage is OK with them going – 100% (though her smile fades as she looks at the photo again)

Victor doesn’t quite believe that Phyllis found Ian while Jack’s off chasing a legitimate ‘lead’. Speak of the devil – Ian appears on video chat – are all the kings horses and all the kings men still trying to put Victor back together again? He wants Phyllis to meet him at the GC Motor Arms; room 24. I’ll be counting the minutes. Logging off, Ian’s pleased that his video has 1 view. He assures Patty that Phyllis won’t bring the police (or Paulie) – she’ll bring Victor. He scares me – are you sure you want to see him? Ian does.

Adam and Chelsea continue what they started upstairs in bed.

Sent in to visit her Mom (and Dylan) Faith meets her baby brother. In the hallway, Dr Anderson again offers to counsel Nick – alone. If you change your mind … Nick calls her back – it couldn’t hurt to talk to someone about this.

Yes, maybe Nick is jealous. He didn’t get to introduce his son to Faith. Yes, it’s hard – harder for Sage. You’re not responsible for her happiness, Dr Anderson is understanding and supportive – of Nick. If anything, he should be a bit selfish – lean on other people. Sage isn’t ready for that, Nick knows. Dr A gives Nick her card – she has strong shoulders.

At Underground, things are tense between Mariah and Sage (who ends up telling Mariah to mind her own business and stick to serving drinks)

Oh how happy Adam and Chelsea are – even when they hear that Anita’s just returned with Connor.

Ian gives Patty a one way ticket to Paris, a new passport, and info on a Swiss bank account. Patty doesn’t want to leave Ian – not when he needs her the most. You can’t be part of what I have to do next – Ian won’t drag her down his path of revenge. OK, Patty butchers some French words and leaves smiling like the maniac she is.