Friday, November 27th

Busy shopping today – it is what it is 🙂

At Jabot, Billy confirms the ‘lead’ Jack and Kevin are chasing in Geneva was his doing; a diversion while they plot to bring down Victor (and maybe Ian) Vikki arrives to say they only one she thought would be destroyed today is Adam.

Adam blames the cameras and ‘no contact’ rule for not hugging Chelsea (who wonders if he’s still hurt from the beating) She’s thrilled to hear that Victor’s back onboard with helping him (though Adam suspects Victor might be setting him up to crash and burn)

Over breakfast at the club, Mike’s not buying that Victor’s optimism is due to HIS stellar legal work (or the system being just) Judge Moxley calls to say that she won’t be blackmailed. Victor can go ahead and make their affair public. She might even make the sentence longer – just for the fun of it.

In Paul’s office, Chris raves about Judge Moxley. Paul has confidence in the star DA too ~kiss~ Cane barges in to whine about Joe Clark being free to hurt someone else.

No, Lily can’t join Joe for breakfast – the club is swamped this time of year. Maybe later (she’s vague) Joe’s annoyed – what kind of game are you playing?

Back at Jabot, Vikki wonders who Phyllis and Billy want to destroy. New competition, Phyllis lies. Billy changes the subject to Adam’s appeal – he’ll wrap things up here and come get Vikki. That leaves Phyllis to warn Billy – this plan for revenge may backfire. She wants to pay Victor back as badly as Billy – but we play this smart; no one we care about gets hurt.

Chelsea continues with her pep talk – don’t doubt Victor. It still wouldn’t be a get out of free card, Adam cautions – but praises Chelsea for changing Victor’s mind (which no one else has done)

Mike does indeed plan to be brilliant today (and pull every rabbit out of his hat) Victor has another rabbit – a surprise witness. Judges hate surprises, Mike had forgotten how unpredictable it is working for Victor (who’s left to make a call – your family needs you)

Joe suspects Lily was in his suite to ransack it (after her FIL summoned him downstairs) No – Lily was just looking for a blanket. Perhaps I’m paranoid, Joe leans in to give Lily a kiss (which she’s not thrilled about)

Joe believes that Cane’s filling Lily’s head with lies. No – you’re the liar – Cane found the hoody, Lily wants an explanation. It wasn’t planted there by Cane – I opened the safe. Joe chuckles – Cane and his Dad set it up – and you were a bonus witness. He probably almost forgave you for sleeping with me.

The Williams tell Cane that the hoody isn’t evidence. And there was no warrant. It’s inadmissible. Who locks a hoody in a safe!? Cane’s frustrated. Paul believes Cane might be right – but the police have to build a case against Joe. Pissed, Cane marches out.