Friday, December 18th

Jack’s alarmed to find a stranger in Jabot’s ‘secure facility’. He’s not impressed when Ashley appears to explain. You’re in business with the guy who hid Hilary? Not hid, saved, Neville corrects.

In Billy’s suite, Phyllis wakes him up – I hear you made an ass of yourself at Underground. Why are you here? Redemption, Phyllis says. I’m beyond that, Billy moans. I’m not talking about you, she snaps.

Phyllis is worried about Jack – he needs redeeming too. No, he’s not taking pills and drinking again. The family’s in crisis – we must pull together? Billy whines about destroying his relationship with Vikki (he dissed her in public) Phyllis knows all about redeeming herself – end the pity party and make changes. She was wanted to hurt Victor even more than Billy (who briefly wonders what he did to her) Sure Billy’s a great Father – because he’s a big kid who hasn’t grown up himself.

At the club, Summer talks to Kyle about getting married out of defiance. Now that she’s 21, she still doesn’t have a clue what she wants to do with her life.

Gwen catches Neil at the park – she’s unemployed and wants in on the Neville project. I’m professional. Devon’s willing it Neil is. I’m one of the few people who knows what really happened at the boathouse. Like it or not, you owe me.

Ashley tells Jack that Devon’s bankrolling Neville’s research. With all the layoffs, the lab won’t be used any time soon. He’s not even allowed to practice at GCM, Jack reminds – and he used Hilary as a guinea pig. Dr Neville considers himself a visionary. Of course he’s still a doctor. Ashley raises her voice – just let us rent the space!

Kyle understands Summer not knowing what she wants to do when she grows up. – he’s not sure he’s ready to dedicate his life to selling mascara. He might have to follow in Aunt Traci’s footsteps. Jabot isn’t his passion.

Billy thanks Phyllis for the coffee. She gets why he relates to kids so well – they don’t judge. Billy thinks he just loves kids, especially his own; they’re the best of him and Vikki. He’s destroyed the love and faith she had in him. What have I done?
At the bottom of the staircase, Hilary thanks Devon (Neil told her he’s funding Neville) Devon then tells Hilary that Gwen was let go from Jabot – she’s asked Neil to hire her. Devon will leave that up to Neil.

Neil shows up at the lab with Gwen – Devon’s put me in charge of the project – and I’ve hired Gwen. Ashley and Dr Neville are surprised. As Dr Neville pretends this is the first time he’s being introduced to Gwen, Jack takes Ashley aside to say this is getting stranger – why would Devon hire Hilary’s ex? Ashley tells him not to worry about her little project. We’ll pay upfront – just give us a number! Jack’s puzzled when Ashley storms into her office (shaking and trying to take pills)