Friday, December 18th

At the club, Jack gently and with regret fires Gwen. After losing half a billion, he must cut costs by letting his senior management go. Gwen’s not happy but understands. Merry Christmas, she bleats tearily. Devon comes over to tell Gwen he’s sorry – but is not eager to hire her to manage him bankrolling Dr Neville (not after lying about Hilary for months)

In her suite, Hilary daydreams about Neil – who on cue, shows up. We have to talk, he says.

On the patio, Ashley ends a call – we’re doing things my way ~click~ Inside, Dr Neville tries to charm with chemistry. As the girl giggles and leaves, Ashley comes in – seriously? Did I just hear you say ‘a magic trick in your mouth’ to a teenager? She’s 24, Dr Neville says. This is not a game – people’s lives are at stake, Ashley does not see the humour.

Back at the club, Kyle, Jack and Phyllis are celebrating Summer’s 21st birthday (an early breakfast that doesn’t go well with her hangover) They admire her new watch (from Grandpa) How was the Underground last night? Billy sucked the mood out by getting wasted and going off on Vikki and Stitch. Poor guy? Jack scoffs – he made his bed, he can lie in it.

Ashley and Dr Neville butt heads. She’s staking her reputation on this. Dr Neville needs to keep his sense of humour – he’s working in a makeshift lab in a motel (if she’d like a tour) That won’t work, she declines a tour.

It’s time for family and love (which Victor doesn’t have, they gloat) Phyllis wishes Jack would lay off Billy; he’s hurt (and not just from a hangover) Getting a call from Ashley, Jack agrees to meet her in Jabot’s lab – right away.


Neil wishes Hilary hadn’t got Devon to fund Dr Neville. I’d do anything to protect you, Hilary says – then mentions the kiss. Neil again tells her she loves Devon. No, what Hilary feels for Neil is real, it’s not changing.

Devon’s funding Dr Neville because he’d do anything for his wife (but isn’t obligated to help someone who lied to him) Gwen reminds that she was the one who forced Neil to confess. Because Neil dumped you. Well now he’s free to be with Hilary (or will Devon fight for her?)

Jack apologises – he needs to leave to see Ashley. Summer sends him off – hoping Ashley’s coming back to Jabot. She thanks him for their gift; a scrapbook of her first 21 years. Not just photos; newspaper articles, pictures she drew, ticket stubs etc. Summer can feel the love they put into it. After Jack exits, Phyllis appreciates Kyle being back at Jabot for his Dad -we Abbott’s need to stick together. Jack’s a bit depressed; Phyllis has an idea to make the holiday’s special.

Devon seems to accept that Hilary loves Neil; he doesn’t have a choice – until Hilary recovers her memory. And since Neil’s overseeing the business side of him funding Dr Neville, Gwen would be working for him (if Devon hired her)

Neil wanted Hilary to love him – but now he wants her to find her passion for Devon. Hearing Devon hired him to keep an eye on Neville, Hilary wants to help him – I’m the perfect choice (his first successful patient) No, Neil doesn’t want Hilary anywhere near Neville.