Thursday, December 17th

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At the club, Chelsea updates Vikki that Billy’s drinking and gambling again. He needs help, Vikki says. He needs YOU, Chelsea snaps back.

Arriving at underground, Summer’s in no mood for one of Billy’s tirades – so takes a table while Abby joins him to ask if he should be drinking. No, but that’s what he’s about to start doing. You already smell like booze, Abby notes. Billy’s celebrating Jack firing him. Hearing that Ashley quit, Billy raises a glass to his brilliant sister.

At GCM to see Ben, Ashley’s accosted by Phyllis – who demands to know the real reason why Ashley’s stepping down from a job she fought years to get.

In Marisa’s suite, Luca informs that their offices are ready – let’s go see them. There won’t be any problems – the message has been sent loud and clear; the Santori’s are to be respected.

In Victor’s office, Noah declares himself NE’s secret weapon. Adam reiterates his role – to oust Luca and the Santori’s from the business. He’s on his way over to check out his offices. He’ll get a kick out of Noah showing him around – like a lowly intern. Reconnect with Marisa too. She’s coming?? Noah doesn’t feel right about using her to get info. The sooner we bring Luca down, the sooner you’ll get Marisa, Adam claims – you got this.

Kyle comes by Jabot straight from the airport, as summoned. Jack will be relying on his son now more than ever – starting now.

At the club, Devon explains that he’s funding Dr Neville so he won’t expose Neil (who’s not happy about ‘giving in’) Devon doesn’t see a choice.

Neil really doesn’t deserve Devon’s protection. We just have to deal with this as best we can, Devon insists. When Dr Neville joins the ‘intense’ conversation, Neil warns him to watch out – or I’ll blow you out of the water.

Jack’s annoyed when Kyle’s distracted by a text from Summer that he needs to return. You do that – make it a long one so I can talk to your Dad, Adam swoops in to say. What is he doing here? Adam’s here to help – and considering you just gave my Father half a billion, I figure you could use all the help you can get.

Chelsea follows Vikki around the club trying to get her to help Billy. He doesn’t deserve your sympathy or mine – I’m done. Yes, she knows Jack fired him, but Billy shouldn’t have pushed him. Chelsea worries – this could turn ugly – he won’t talk to me. YOU can help him. No – Vikki can’t fix Billy. But you want to – don’t you? Chelsea persists.