Monday, December 21st

In Victor’s office, Abby annoys Vikki by reading an online article about the family reunion/battle royale at Underground the other day (in which a drunken Billy ended up on the floor) Abby could strangle Billy – and doesn’t blame Vikki for being mad at him – but can’t Vikki find it in her heart to let him spend Christmas with her and the kids?

At the cabin, Phyllis admits her plan – she doesn’t want Billy to be alone for the holidays. Jack snarls – if he didn’t screw up he’d be spending it with his family. We ARE his family, Phyllis reminds. No one’s going anywhere til we work this out.

Adam places presents under the Christmas tree as Chelsea brings Connor down. She’s thrilled that Adam cleared his day so can come visit Santa with them.

At CL’s, Nikki joins Faith, Dylan and Sharon bearing gifts (including an early one which delights all; a ‘Big Sister’ and ‘Little Brother’ T-shirt for each child) She’s disappointed that they might not all be spending Christmas together – it’s Sully’s 1st – doesn’t Grandma want it to be special???

Vikki says Billy wants to spend the holidays with a drink in one hand and a racing form in the other. Noah arrives in a suit to announce he’s back at NE and would like to help Grandpa rebuild the company. Vikki and Abby are leaving to go shopping when Victor arrives to say they’ll be working. Yes – today, tomorrow – every day until Newman’s back on top.

Dylan and Sharon tell Faith that Sully will probably sleep most of Christmas Day after presents. What about Daddy? Faith worries (who are coming back from a trip soon) Nikki agrees – we always have to make time for family. She’ll talk to Grandpa about planning something very special.

Vikki and Abby explain that they’ve been working all day – they have things to do. Aren’t we closing for the holiday, like Jabot? That leads to Victor ranting against Billy Boy and the Abbott’s. When Abby reminds that she’s part Abbott too, Victor says he can hire a replacement if she wants to go work at Jabot. Ready to work, Victor then wonders where Adam is.

Dropping by CL’s, Adam and Sharon are left alone to chat awkwardly. She recalls having a funny feeling when she first met ‘Gabe’ – but understands Adam couldn’t reveal his identity. We used to be so close. Adam’s glad she has Sully in her life.

Phyllis stands in the middle of Jack vs Billy (as they rehash his screw up) I’m out of here, Billy ignores Phylis’ protest to hitchhike back to town. Nice job, Phyllis glares at Jack.

Sharon knew Adam had a soft heart – she never believed the bad boy act. it’s amazing all they went through to get to this place. She’s happy he got a second chance with Chelse and Connor – what more could you ask for? Adam looks wistfully at Sully.

Noah calls Adam to say Victor wants him at work. Hanging up, he tells Chelsea that he can’t go see Santa after all. Good seeing you Sharon, he says – gives Chelsea and kiss and lea