Friday, December 25th

Also at CL’s, Nick ask Faith how she’d feel about moving to the penthouse – across the hall from where Grandpa used to live. You can feed the ducks, Sharon encourages – you’ll get so see Mom and Sully just as much as now – that’s a promise.

Spending time with Sully, Sage thought she was getting better…. There’s no running clock – you’ll heal in your own time, Adam says.

I love this dress! Deciding on a design, Abby tells Chelsea and Vikki that she can’t wait to marry and start her life with Ben.

Back at CL’s, Ben talks about marriage being so bright and shiny at fist – then it goes downhill. Oh – not you and Sharon – this won’t happen to you guys. Dylan knows what Ben’s talking about – things fell apart with him, Chelsea and Connor. One thing Dylan knows, if something happened between him and Sharon, she’d never keep him from his son. He smiles over at his wife.

In the penthouse, Sage tells Victor that she and Nick are working things out. Does he have a problem with her talking to Adam? We have history – he delivered Christian! Do you want me with Nick? Or do you want me gone? Victor just wants her to be happy. After Sage leaves, Victor tells Adam they have a problem – the Santori’s.

Still at the office, Marisa tells Noah that he’s distracting her – she worries about him. Luca’s family are dangerous – you should quit and go back to Underground. Noah knows what’s at risk – do you get that? Luca appears.


Luca barges in – what’s taking so long Marisa? Where’s the paperwork? The sooner we’re done here, the sooner we can get back to the hotel. I’m a happy husband – very happy, Luca gloats. Not reacting, Noah hands Luca some papers – this is what you’re looking for.

Chelsea leaves Abby when Ben comes back to update that Jenna won’t budge. There’s nothing he can do but promise Abby that their marriage will always come first. He won’t let Jenna’s decision take away from their wedding ~hug~

Back at CL’s, Sharon hears what Ben’s going through and assures Dylan that she’d never put him through that ~hug~

Knock knock. What’s all this? Sage opens her door. We’re moving in, Faith smiles up at her (Nick behind)

You need to stop stirring Sage up – you’re flirting with disaster son, Victor warns. Our plan is to get rid of the Santori’s – it involves sacrifice – like Marisa. Noah will learn a lesson. You think you can make people forget what they care about, Adam’s pissed. Victor repeats his threat to expose him as Christian’s Father. The Newman family will rise from the ashes – no one intimidates or scares me – you got that?

Next: The man that I married and fell in love with, and planned a life with is not the man I thought he was, Phyllis tells Vikki …. You can’t have them both, Mariah tells Marisa. You’re right, it’s time to set things straight with Noah, Marisa decides … Adam has a proposition for Luca – what do you say we work together? Put ourselves at the top of the food chain? How does that sound?