Monday, December 28th

Mariah marches into the station to blast Kevin (his new BFF was grilling her about the online security project) Kevin’s not happy that Billy tried to work around him. But yes – this IS a big deal – it’ll change Kevin’s life, and everyone else’s.

A ‘chipper’ Billy joins Phyllis at the club’s bar to report that he spent a sober Christmas with Vikki and the kids. He has a plan – there’s a wedding in his and Vikki’s our future. What!? Vikki arrives to blurt out.

At NE, Luca’s eager to get Marisa back to the hotel – he’s one happy husband, very happy – very husband, husband, husband. Noah cuts Marisa off – your husband is right. You’ve made your choice, and I have my own choices to make. Marisa’s left to scold Luca for throwing their ‘relationship’ in Noah’s face. Luca doesn’t think it matters – unless she still loves Noah.

At the penthouse, Victor’s plan is to connect the Santori’s to Marco Annacelli. Knowing Marisa will be blamed, Adam worries how Noah will react – and what if the Santori’s get rid of her? Meh, Victor couldn’t care less.


Back at the bar, Vikki tells Billy that she’s nowhere near walking down the aisle again with him. He clarifies that he was talking about Abby’s wedding – hoping they could go together. Vikki’s Matron of Honour – I’ll see you there. After Vikki leaves, Billy hints to Phyllis that he has a plan to prove to Vikki and everyone that he can make something of his life.

Kevin scoffs at Mariah’s idea that his hacker friend is conning him (like Ian did her) Natalie is a computer genius who’s revolutionary idea will make millions. How hot is this chick? Kevin doesn’t care. She’s back online! he crows when Natalie sends him a text. Billy wants in, Mariah reminds of how desperate he is.

No one will leave town in a body bag, Victor just wants control of his company. By exposing the Santori’s as criminals, Adam worries that could land Victor behind bars too. It’s risky. Are you bailing out? Victor crosses his arms to scowl at Adam.

Adam whines about Victor threatening to expose his mistake (and blow up his life) Of course he’ll do what his Father wants. What if Noah goes soft and warns Marisa? Victor wants Luca (that sonofabitch) out of his company, and no one will stop me.

Luca’s not jealous of that man-boy, he merely told Noah the truth. Do you still love him? he repeats yet again. Adam’s call interrupts – I need to speak to you right away. Come to the penthouse – alone – and don’t tell anyone we’re meeting.