Friday, December 25th

* This is a message to a subscriber who emailed me recently to say they aren’t receiving their daily spoiler. I’m unable to get email to you because your ‘mailbox is full’. If this might be you, please have a look into that. I obviously can’t identify the address, but it has a ‘w’ and an ‘l’ in it.

The show didn’t air a new episode yesterday. But today is just another working day for poor ole me. I wish you all the merriest Christmas. My gift to you; typos and grammatical errors. I have a turkey to dry out!

At CL’s, Faith declares candy toting Mariah the best big sister ever (which she’ll be to Sully too) He’s with the sitter – Sharon’s on the patio gushing to Dr Anderson about her wonderful Christmas. Dr Anderson’s surprised (not happily so) to hear that And Nick and Sage have reconnected over the holidays.

Waiting for the elevator, Adam jokes about Chelsea designing Abby’s wedding dress; she’ll put the B in Bridezilla. Another baby? That’s a big decision, he stammers. Yes – but Chelsea saw him holding Sully – you enjoyed that connection. After Chelsea gets on the elevator, Nick and Sage exit her place kissing *awkward*

Arriving at the club with Abby, Ben makes a beeline to Billy and Vikki at the bar (threatening to throw him out) It’s OK – it’s not what you think, Vikki says. Maybe it is, Billy disagrees.

At NE, Noah apologizes to Marisa – he didn’t mean to break Luca’s phone. I can’t do this, Marisa breaks the tension. In Victor’s office, Luca doesn’t appreciate being talked down to – we’re partners – you seem to forget who you’re talking to.

Didn’t see you there, Nick and Sage chat with Adam (who relays that Faith convinced Victor to attend Nikki’s party and that Noah’s doing a great job at NE) Surprised and hearing it was Adam’s idea, Nick leaves Adam to quip to Sage ‘well he’s gone – now how awful was your Christmas’?

Maybe someone fell in the pool if you want to go play lifeguard, Billy jokes. Ben apologizes. No – Billy’s the one who should apologize (for being a miserable drunk the other night) Ben shakes his hand – apology accepted. It’s a time for fresh starts. That gives me all kinds of hope, Billy grins as he exits. What did I just see? Abby wonders. A guy in love who won’t quit, Ben says (as Vikki squirms)

This is just business, Noah’s not gonna sit and cry because Marisa broke things off – if you need anything, I’m available. You’ve been so good to me, Marisa starts to gush as Luca appears – am I interrupting? No, Noah was just apologizing (and does so again) He then goes into Victor’s office – that punk thinks he can run things. Victor’s letting Luca think he has some input. Noah’s onboard in getting rid of the Santori’s.

Billy’s at the station – to handle his drunk driving charge and to try badger Kevin into letting him ‘sheppard this cyber project’ so everyone will trust him again. Kevin balks – Jack doesn’t trust you with the company – Vikki doesn’t trust you with the kids – and I’M supposed to trust you???