Wednesday, December 23rd

It’s a busy time. What I miss on ‘My Thoughts’, I’ll make up for with typos and grammatical errors.

Nikki focusses on the kids as she greets Adam, Chelsea and Connor, Dylan, Sharon and Faith. And as Mariah and Summer lead Faith off to the sweet table, Nikki’s smile vanishes when Sharon asks where Victor is.

Billy gives Victor a lecture on hypocrisy; at least he WANTS to be with his family on Christmas Eve. You’re beginning to piss me off, Victor doesn’t think that a good idea.

All seems festive When Neil arrives at the Ashby’s. Cane takes the twins off so that Lily can tell her Dad that it’s over for her and Cane; there will be no Christmas miracle.

Alone in her suite, Hilary mopes over her infinity ring; flashing back to when Devon pledged to love her for eternity.

Downstairs, Abby gives Devon a pep talk. He leaves when Ben arrives to say he won’t be the best company. He called to see how Max likes his gifts – he wouldn’t come to the phone. I’m losing my son.

At the cabin, Jack wants to make memories with Phyllis – this may be our last holidays here.

Ashley and Dr Neville are still drinking from beakers when Traci makes a surprise appearance.

Neville leaves Traci to question Ashley about quitting to partner up with the guy who kidnapped Jack’s assistant. It’s not like that – Ashley can handle him. She’ll join the family tomorrow – tonight’s she’s working.

Jack’s considering selling the cabin – due to finances and the terrible things that have happened there. Phyllis is against it – and is sure they’ll revive Jabot. We can face anything – we can do it ~kiss~

Billy’s not shocked that he’s pissing Victor off – then gets back to him ignoring his family. Yes, his Father might be rolling in his grave – but at least my kids won’t sue me. Victor talks about him driving drunk – you belong in jail. Maybe neither of us deserve to be Father’s, Billy says in parting.

Nikki delivers disappointing news; Nick and Sage are snowed in. Asking about Grandpa, Faith is distracted. Dylan suggests they work together to make Victor give Nikki the gift she really wants.