Tuesday, January 5th

Dr’s Delafield and Neville butt heads over how Billy should be treated. Ashley sides with Neville’s protocol. Will it work? Vikki bleats (which infuriates Dr Delafield) Neville HAS seen Billy’s chart (further proof that he’s a ‘charlatan’) What are you doing here!? Ashley squawks at Abby and Ben. Looks like we’re just in time, Abby’s there to help.

In Paul’s office, Jack and Phyllis inform that Billy placed (and lost) a huge bet. Why did he need to win big? Paul wonders what was going on (as a nervous Kevin and Mariah eavesdrop)

Naked beneath a blanket on the sofa, Chelsea and Adam are so grateful to be safe and sound. Chelsea again brings up having another baby.

Victor takes Noah into his office – and isn’t happy when Marisa follows them in. We’re in this together, like it or not, she says, before obediently closing the door (Luca in the hallway)

The neurosurgeon on his way, Abby suggests leaving Billy’s fate to the expert – Ben will talk with both doctors, then bring in the family and as a group, they’ll decide whether to go with Neville’s treatment, or stick with the plan (surgery) As Ben’s lead off to read Billy’s chart, Vikki mopes to Abby and Ashley – she thought she and Billy had more time to work things out.

File in hand, Ben listens to the doctors argue. My protocol is a success (Neville lets something slip about Ashley’s health) Ben worries that waiting to test unproven treatment will jeopardize Billy’s life. Neville’s disappointed. ‘Mr Establishment’ leaves pleased. What did you mean about Ashley ‘and now with her’? Nothing, it’s just about our research (which would save Billy without cutting him open) Neville claims.

Victor informs that the police are trying to match tire tracks. That’s been handled, Noah says – Marisa helped him get his tires changed. She took his old ones to the dump for recycling. Getting a phone call, Noah leaves. Victor wants Marisa to stay put.

As Jack relays Billy needing funding for a project, Kevin bursts in to say ‘it was me’. That’s why Billy wanted money. Kevin assumed he could get the money. Every detail helps, Paul leaves Kevin to say he’s doing everything he can to track down the car. Jack appreciates that – but you owe me more than.

Chelsea is giddy as she reads rave reviews of the ‘spectacular’ wedding dress she designed for Abby. Adam will help relaunch Chelsea 2.0 – starting now – while she’s ‘trending’. I love you!! Adam doesn’t look nearly as enthused.

Kevin can’t reveal details of his revolutionary project. Yes, he needs 2 million right away (but is sorry – he didn’t think it would cause all this) You’re not the only one with regrets, Jack sighs.