Wednesday, January 6th

On the patio, Kevin and Mariah discuss him trying to stall Natalie to give Billy a chance to invest. She trusts me – we have a ‘mind-meld’ (which is almost better than sex) Happy Birthday! he slides over a small gift box. Uncomfortable, Mariah stares at it.

Victor finds it ‘stunning’ that Vikki still believes in Billy Boy. It’s ludicrous to think that he has a project worth investing in. Everything the Abbott’s touch turns to garbage! Jack and Phyllis appear in the background. Lovely, Phyllis snarls at Victor.

As Sharon decorates, Dylan chats to Sully about the surprise birthday party for Mariah – there’s always a celebration going on in this house. Joy and celebration? Have you met Mariah? he jokes. Dr Anderson drops by to share good news. Dylan gives her an odd look (as she gives Sully an odd look)

At the club, Nick’s off to GCM to see Vikki – Sage offers to pick Faith up at school and take her to Sharon’s. This marriage deal is us being together, right?

Mom’s dead. You killed her! Max accuses Abby. Why would you say that? Because it’s true! I never met her, Abby’s bewildered. Jenna was in a car accident, Paul explains – apparently she was on her phone.

Jenna was on the phone with me? Abby wasn’t saying anything mean – she just wanted Max at the wedding. She’s so sorry; she just thought Jenna hung up. When Max stomps off, Paul goes after him. Abby gives a stunned Ben a hug.

Dr Anderson wants to reduce Sharon’s meds – this is a victory. Sharon’s hesitant; she doesn’t want to backslide. Why now? Dylan wonders. The high dose is more of a barrier at this point, Dr A explains. Without them, Sharon will have less of a filter between the world and her feelings.

Back on the patio, Mariah doesn’t see why she gets a present or a cake because her Mom got knocked up (and she managed to live another year) Humour me, Kevin slides the gift back to her. A toy Ferrari? It’s a placeholder until we strike it rich, Kevin smiles. Holding hands they draw in close. But instead of a kiss, Mariah says ‘thank you’.

Jack blasts Victor – for one lousy day could he not disrespect Billy to Vikki? Victor was speaking to his daughter, for her sake and her children’s. This supposed deal of Billy’s was just a pipe dream, a fantasy his own brother wasn’t willing to finance (or perhaps he’s too broke to) Victor wants to know about the deal. As Vikki and Jack follow the doctor for an update, Phyllis confronts Victor – you’re very interested in this idea. Who’s idea? Victor continues to fish.

Abby just wanted to do something nice for Ben – Jenna wouldn’t let you have a relationship with your son. Sorry, I’m sure she was a remarkable woman – sorry. It’s not your fault, Ben won’t let Abby blame herself. Oh, she’s not – but Max is. You yeah, you have to bring him home. As Ben’s wife, Abby will help them reconnect – we can give Max a good home ~hug~ Paul returns to say Max is with the social worker – decisions must be made. There are no decisions – I’m taking my son, Ben states (Abby doesn’t look thrilled)

Sharon felt on edge around Nick and Sage; felt guilty for being so happy with her new son. But things are better; Sage held Sully again and spent time with them at Christmas. Maybe it’s because she and Nick moved back in together. When was this!? Dr Anderson pales. Sage then arrives with Faith. Holding Sully so Sharon can get ready for the party, Sage notices her reaction – something wrong Dr Anderson?