Monday, January 4th

As all observe through the convenient viewing window, Vikki shouts at Dr Shelby and Billy – stay with meeeeee!!!! I need those paddles, Dr Shelby snaps at the nurse.

Elsewhere at GCM, Noah tells his grandpa that he’s the one who hit Billy with his car.

At the penthouse, Adam ends a call to update Chelsea that there’s no news on Billy. Katie and Johnny upstairs, a solemn Adam claims that Billy didn’t deserve this.

Paul’s got Kevin looking for Billy’s bookie (based on the ‘gambling debt’ theory he pulled out of his…. hat) The cameras down since the fire, Paul doesn’t believe Marisa’s forthcoming. She called 911 and has no reason to lie, Kevin points out – then leaps at his computer; I’ve got something!

Marisa eavesdrops as Noah confesses – Billy’s in there because of me. Billy’s in there because he’s a gambler and an alcoholic, Victor argues – let the people who came to collect money take the blame. No, Vikki doesn’t need to know the truth.

As Nikki consoles an inconsolable Vikki, the Abbott’s gather around the window to watch Dr Shelby trying valiantly to save Billy’s life.

Billy’s a great Dad – his kids need him. He was great with Connor when Chelsea was with him. But Billy’s meant to be with Vikki (as she is with Adam) They deserve a second chance too. Adam will stay until the sitter arrives – he sends Chelsea off to be with Billy.

Now at NE, Marisa tells Luca that Billy MUST make it. Why do you care so much? Luca has to ask.

Noah isn’t a liar, wasn’t raised to run from things he’s done. Victor tells Noah to stop thinking about himself and think of the big picture. The repercussions will be enormous. Billy’s in trouble, Nikki appears to say (and wonder if Noah’s alright)

As Traci arrives for an update, Jill lashes out at the outpouring of sympathy for poor Billy. Not one of you gave a damn whether he lived or died.

We’re all here as a family, Victor explains that Noah’s just worried about Billy. We protect our loved ones, he glares at Noah. Vikki needs us, Nikki’s aghast to hear that Noah must go to work with Victor. Yes, I’m OK, he insists. Victor’s left to repeat – no one needs to know. Too late for that – Marisa already does.

Marisa’s emotional over Billy because he has children. It was such a beautiful day – so full of love and hope. Luca sees it as a reminder to be grateful that their dreams are about to come true. He’s now ready to share the plan – Adam and I plan to oust our Father’s. Adam will betray us all! Marisa worries.