Thursday, January 7th

At the club, a frantic Ben can’t find Max anywhere! We shouldn’t have looked away – it’s NOT alright – your son is missing! Abby frets.

At CL’s, Victor watches as Jack wonders what kind of businessman Kevin is (pitching the idea elsewhere at the first sign of trouble) Kevin didn’t tell anyone – the investor came to HIM. Who is it? That would be me, Victor saunters over to smirk.

Paul and Dylan agree that the driver should have noticed damage on his car by now or heard about Billy being hit (it’s all over the news) The innocent driver’s not so innocent. Maybe they were too busy to notice. Like two people on their honeymoon? Paul suggests.

Adam joins Noah, Marisa and Luca in Victor’s office to report there’s no word on Billy. As Noah looks troubled, Marisa says that everyone’s praying he’ll pull through. Luca looks suspicious.

Billy has little brain activity, the doctor tells Vikki and Phyllis as Jill arrives, frantically hoping Billy will come through and come back to us.

Back at the club, Abby and Ben have done a thorough search. He could be anywhere! Ben barks at Abby – then apologizes. We’ll find him, Abby’s sure.

You think Stitch and Abby ran Billy over on the way to their honeymoon? It fits the time frame, Paul points out. He wouldn’t do that, Dylan’s sure. Paul suggests they were in a hurry and don’t know they’re responsible. What were they driving? Paul consults his paperwork – a stretch limo. Maybe the driver saw something. Abby then calls Paul to report that Max has run away.

The doctor’s sorry he doesn’t have better news – machines are keeping Billy alive. They must wait until he’s stabilized. Maybe we should have gone with Dr Neville, Jill blames Vikki for telling her to go home and rest. That wouldn’t have helped, Phyllis reasons. I really thought Billy was going to make it through this, Vikki deflates onto the couch.

What if Billy doesn’t make it? Noah whispers to Marisa. You can’t think like that, Marisa whispers back. Adam asks to speak to Luca in private – he’ll summon them when Victor arrives for the meeting. After they leave, Adam scolds the lovesick puppy – don’t let jealousy cloud the plan. What have you got on your old man? Luca needs some help. With what? Marco Annicelli.

Jack’s not happy to hear that Victor heard about the project from Phyllis – then went to Kevin and came sniffing around the hospital for opportunities. Kevin’s considering my offer, Victor boasts. Jack wouldn’t expect any consideration (for Billy) from Victor, but Kevin – you know better. Negotiating with Victor of all people? You refused to give him a loan, Victor tells Jack that HE’S responsible for Billy’s hopes and dreams being dashed.

Kevin’s deal with Billy is not for sale – not to Jack OR Victor. But Jack’s investing in Billy’s name. He turned it down once, Victor persists. Jack asks Kevin to have the human decency to stick to his word. Phyllis calls – come to GCM – it’s not good. Talk to me before you make any decisions, Jack hisses at Kevin on his way out; leaving Kevin NOT to be intimidated by Victor’s ‘death stare’.