Friday, January 8th

Your body’s absorbing the drug protocol, Neville’s alarmed by Ashley’s lacklustre response. He needs to know how she’s feeling. She’s worn out and irritable. OK, we need to dial back on the protocol – you need to function. How can Ashley keep this from her family? Tell them. NO! Ashley won’t tell them.

Oh look, Lauren’s finally made it to GCM to comfort Jill (who mopes that if Billy doesn’t wake up it’s her fault; for OK-ing surgery)

At NE, Vikki’s consumed with thoughts of Billy; she doesn’t want to have to make this choice. Get it all out, Victor coos as she sobs in his arms.

At the club, Nikki mentions Vikki’s guilt for not giving Billy another chance. Neil prattles on about Hilary and Devon, they need to be together. Is Nikki still onboard with helping Neil? It’s dangerous – promise me I won’t regret it, Nikki’s nervous.

Across the room, Devon catches up with Hilary to invite her to a 5 star trucker diner. You’re trying to keep me from going into the dining room? Hilary suspects. Neil and Nikki are in there, Devon didn’t want her to be uncomfortable (after the New Year’s kiss) They’re friends, Hilary’s not happy to see them laughing.

At CL’s, Kevin reports that Natalie wants to get moving. Are you thinking about saying Yes to Victor? Mariah asks. Mike arrives – say yes to what? Told a bit about the project, Mike informs that Billy might not wake up. Yes, Kevin should consider other alternatives, but not Victor; he’ll get the credit, glory and money.

Vikki wonders who hit Billy (who was really trying to turn his life around) Victor blames Jack for not funding his project. Maybe someone can support his dream; maybe we can come up with the funds. In memory? Vikki’s encouraged to go be with Billy. At the door, she pauses to say thanks and ‘I love you’.

The heartless coward who ran Billy over is to blame, Lauren points out that the doctor’s recommended surgery. No, Jill should have gone with her gut (and Neville) She’s going to find someone who can help Billy!

In the lab, Neville whines about not being able to treat Billy. We’re going to put YOU right Ms Abbott. It probably won’t work the first time, he admits – this is science. That’s how we roll. I’m just your damn lab rat! Ashley scowls.

Showtime, Neil says as Hilary approaches the table for small talk. After Neil excuses himself to make a call, Nikki mentions seeing Hilary with Devon when the clock struck 12. And I saw you – with Neil, Hilary smiles back. Aside, Devon tells Neil that it’s not working – she thinks you’re friends. Neil has a plan. As Nikki’s telling Hilary that Victor’s jealous of Neil, her phone goes off. Chuckling that it’s just Victor, Nikki sets her phone in plain view to touch up her lipstick. As planned, Hilary reads a text from Neil – Suite booked, see you there.