Monday, January 11th

Arriving at GCM, Jack decides to spend some time with Billy. Jill jumps up to follow him in. Vikki updates Phyllis that what happens to Billy is in Jack’s hands. He wanted respect – do we have the right to deny him that? As Phyllis peeks in the windows, the Baldwins hover.

At the club, Lily thanks Cane for taking the kids skating. We’re still a team, he assures her. Great. No, not great – Christmas was great – where do we stand? she wants to know.

Victor confronts Nikki at the bottom of the stairs. Were you upstairs with Neil? You’ve been spending a lot of time with him haven’t you? And you kissed him on New Year’s Eve. What were you doing with Neil? You were supposed to have a lunch meeting. Are you checking up on me? Nikki sniffs. Answer my questions – don’t you embarrass me – are you having an affair with Neil Winters? Victor repeats.

At the lab, Devon gets a good eyeful, then quickly leaves Neil and Hilary making out on the office sofa.

Cane wants to continue co-parenting the twins, he’s sorry if he mislead Lily. No, you haven’t – she just enjoyed Christmas – and the kiss under the mistletoe. Yes, but that was due to Neil (and for the kids) Now that she knows where she stands, Lily won’t make a fool of herself anymore. She watches as Devon marches over to the bar to grab a bottle from the bartender and guzzle the drink he just poured.

Getting dressed, Neil’s full of regret. This is what you want, Hilary says. No – Neil got caught up in the moment – he wants things the way they’re supposed to be. Maybe this IS the way things are supposed to be – this happened because you wanted it – you chose me (instead of joining Nikki in a suite) Hilary is NOT going back to Devon.

Nikki rants that Neil is her dear friend – we share our sobriety and understand each other – he’s my rock. That warms the cockles of Victor’s heart (NOT) Nikki hisses that Victor’s rebuilding NE at the expense of his family. No, Victor’s doing it FOR his family.

Mike shows Phyllis the paperwork naming Jack as Billy’s power of attorney. Phyllis doesn’t think Jack knows – Oh God – what will this do to him?

In Billy’s room, Jill reminds that Jack and Phyllis both came out of comas – this is nothing a miracle can’t fix. Jack doesn’t have faith in Dr Neville. Yeah, well, Jack got his wife back because Victor resorted to alternative treatment. Never mind what the doctors say – don’t let Billy die! Jack narrows his eyes when Jill insists it IS his decision to make.

Nikki lambastes Victor for trying to beat Jack in a business deal instead of comforting Vikki. I’d do anything for her, Victor argues – is Nikki trying to divert attention from her hanky panky with Neil? Why are you renting a suite with another man!? Victor marches out in a huff – leaving Nikki to sigh in exasperation.

Hilary doesn’t want to hurt Devon either, but she doesn’t love him – she loves Neil. He talks about regaining his site to see Hilary in bed with Devon. It was a knife through his heart – Neil won’t do that to Devon. This would destroy my son. Thinking he’s using Nikki as a distraction, Hilary warns Neil not to get in the middle of her and Victor. What you have with Nikki isn’t real – what we have IS.