Tuesday, January 12th

All are in tears as Jack opens the door so that Vikki can take the kids in to say good bye to their Dad.

Say nighty night to Daddy, and sweet dreams. Johnny’s brought a toy car for his Dad. He’ll keep it with him; and he’ll keep you in his heart, Vikki weeps over her kid’s heads.

Traci can barely control her tears as she holds Johnny, as Vikki (holding Katie) joins the rest. Now it’s Jack’s turn. He nods to the nurses in the room and the machines are shut off. Be at peace Billy, Jack rests his hand on Billy’s chest. Oh look – the role of Billy Abbot is now being played by Jason Thomson.

Kevin shows up at Victor’s office – he was loyal to Billy, but this project is over unless he finds another investor. Jack’s in no position to meet the deadline. Victor folds his arms and smirks – ready to make a deal? Yes. Good, Victor shakes Kev’s hand – you’re a smart boy.

At the penthouse, Adam asks Chelsea to give Connor a kiss for him. She has a bad feeling – there’s been too many good bye’s. I’ll be back before you know it, Adam reassures, then leaves. He turns to look as someone approaches him at the elevator. In the apartment, Chelsea hears a noise. Adam? She’s too late to see the elevator door closing; Adam’s on the ground with his hands up, a hood over his head.


Next: I went right from Billy’s bedside to Victor’s office, Kevin reports. You closed the deal with Victor, Mariah assumes correctly…. I have to. Billy’s gonna to die, Noah says to his Grandpa. How will that help Vikki? Victor wants to know …. He won’t be with us much longer will he, Jack tells Phyllis and Jill.

My Thoughts: Touching show today; most notably Jill and Traci (her ‘Godspeed’ choked me up, but also reminded me that no one’s been in the chapel whining/praying) Obviously Billy wakes up – they wouldn’t hire a replacement just to lay there …. So Nikki’s worried about time with Victor – yet is spending most of her time with Neil. No, it’s not ‘wrong’ to want to cherish moments with Victor, but it is wrong to deceive him to get them. ‘My place is here with Vikki and the kids’. Odd – cause a half hour ago your place was in a suite at the club waiting for Neil …. No, deception isn’t second nature for some people in GC, it’s first nature for all of them … Kevin really feels he’s staying loyal to Billy? Maybe if he didn’t tack on an extra million, Billy could have come up with the funds. A better businessman might want an itemized account of where that 2 million will go – what will Kevin do then? ….. Jack is the ‘lesser of two evils? Who is Mariah to call anyone evil? She was hired by one of the ‘evils’ to torment her Mom in a most despicable way … What’s the point of Abby realizing she’s being selfish if she never changes? She’s like me, me, me. Oh, how bad I am for making it all about me, me, me …. Why on earth would Luca trust that the person he called is really the warden of the prison Marco’s being held in (not someone on Victor’s payroll)? .. Line of the day goes to Abby – ‘I’m going to be someone else’s Mom’ Um yes, what’s the alternative? Being your OWN Mom?