Wednesday, January 13th

Coffee? Water? No takers, Nikki decides to take Johnny and his ‘Sissy’ home. Give Grandma a hug, Jill scoops Johnny up.

In Billy’s room, the nurse turns all the equipment off. Jack places his hand on Billy’s chest – be at peace. His heart will keep beating until it stops, Jack murmurs as he’s left to say how sorry he is. There’s so much more for you. Billy appears to agree; Cheer up – I’m alive.

Chelsea bursts into the hallway – Adam? She missed the elevator doors closing. Adam’s seated on the floor, his hands up and a hood over his head.

In his office, Victor shakes Kevin’s hand. Welcome to the Newman Enterprise family. You’re one of us now. Kevin thinks that sounds ominous – and he doesn’t want to dance on Billy’s grave. You think he’ll haunt you for making the deal with me? Victor quips.

At Top of the Tower, Mariah plays big sister – she wants Noah to talk to her. I can’t drag you into this, he says. Drag? I’m begging, Mariah detects guilt.

Hey Jack – I’m talking to you. Why can’t you hear me? Billy wonders – as he’s left to notice his body in the bed. Oh – I’m not all that alive after all.

It’s done, Jack tells all that Billy’s heart will keep beating for a while, then … Billy comes out – this is my fault. I did this to all of you.


Noah appreciates Mariah’s concern, but there’s nothing to talk about. If nothing’s going on, why are you worried about dragging me into it? You can’t stay quiet about whatever this is. Without further word, Noah exits.

Victor wants to see all the research Kevin has done on this security project. It’ll come, Kevin understands that Victor’s in charge – but he may have done some illegal hacking so needs to cover is ass. Money’s being wired into Kevin’s account right now – that means I own your idea, Victor says. Kevin leaves when Noah arrives to fret- they’re taking Billy off life support. That makes me a killer. Don’t you ever say that again, Victor tells Noah that he’s on his own if he comes forward.

At GCM, Billy watches his loved ones grieve for him. I did this to all of you. Is this some sort of hell? Don’t make me watch Vikki go through this. He’s not gone yet, Vikki tells Jack – I can feel it. What if he’s trying to fight? Jack knows he’s not. Maybe I should be with him so he’s not alone? Jack and Phyllis comfort her. Billy crouches in front of Vikki as she weeps – I’m an idiot (the smartest thing he did is marry her) No more tears – let me get something right now. Let me go – you’ll be happy. Vikki leaves to be with her kids. Jack punches something. Billy watches his family grieve.

Billy had faith in you to respect his wishes, Phyllis comforts Jack. Listen to your wife – she’s a giant pain, but the smartest person in the room (most of the time) Trust her, like I trust you, Billy implores. Hearing that Abby took Traci home. Billy blames himself for making her relive losing Colleen. He then listens to Ashley consoling Jill. I love you, Billy tells her. Ashley said horrible things to Billy too. Billy understands that – and is frustrated that he can’t get through to anyone.

Back at NE, Victor says going to the press, the police, the family won’t help anyone. Billy appears in ‘Snuggly’s’ chair – what’s this about? Noah wants to take responsibility here. Our family needs to heal, Victor says – the deal he just made is part of that – enough money to secure future generations. This deal will revolutionize Internet security. We’ll donate to a charity in Billy’s name if it makes Noah feel better. That’s my deal, Billy realizes.