Tuesday, January 12th

At Top Of the Towers, Kevin tells Mariah that he turned both Jack and Victor down – he stayed loyal to Billy – a deal is a deal – right? Kevin doesn’t know when his ‘hacker babe’s’ coming to town. Go to Jack, he’s the lesser of two evils, Mariah suggests. He has more important things on his mind today, Kevin knows.

At GCM, Victor admires Jack’s courage. It’s about love – Jack wants Billy to leave this earth with dignity. Weeping on Daddy’s shoulder, Vikki knows that’s how he’d want it. As Jack’s about to tell the doctor, a livid Jill steps forward – she’ll fight this – you will not kill my son!

Nikki and Neil are at the club. Nikki wants to continue their fake affair – to get more of Victor’s attention and time. She wants to cherish moments with Victor before it’s too late.

At NE, Chelsea loves Abby’s marketing ideas, then asks about Billy. No change – we all feel powerless. Abby can’t talk even talk to Ben about it – he’s staying at the club with Max. A child is an amazing gift, Marisa comments. Abby’s not so sure, but Vikki’s dealing with worse. As she gripes about someone running Billy over, Luca eavesdrops.

In Victor’s office, Noah’s distracted and doesn’t have the numbers Adam needed. You’re not blowing this off because it’s Luca’s project, he hopes – we’re working together to oust the Santori’s. Adam knows deception isn’t second nature for Noah (as it is for some people; Marisa, Victor…) and you, Noah adds. Adam tells Noah to tap into his Newman deception genes – it’s for a good cause.

Noah asks Adam how he lived with the lie of running over Delia – how did he look himself in the mirror after not turning himself in? Adam told himself no good would come of it – coming forward wouldn’t bring her back. Selfishly, he had too much to lose – he tried to make peace with it. Why – what’s going on? When Luca interrupts, Noah leaves to run those numbers. Adam tells Luca that he got the info on Marco (which you overheard) He hands Luca a phone number – for a price the warden will let you speak to Marco.

There’s no leads – the police have hit a wall, Abby informs. They need to keep looking for suspects, Chelsea insists. Marisa turns to share a pained look with Noah.

Nikki needs to shock Victor into reality – to let him think he might lose the woman he loves. This masquerade might be the only way to get through to him, she tells Neil.

Back at GCM, Phyllis defends Jack; the hit and run driver is to blame. To be fair, he or she may not know they hit anyone, Victor chimes in. Fair!? Jill lashes out. Vikki hugs Jill and walks her away (still vowing to stop Jack from pulling the plug) Victor knows Billy wouldn’t want to be a burden. Traci appears to weep in Jack’s arms – we’ll get through this as a family.

Marco was killed a few nights ago, Luca ends his call to report (and wonder if Victor offed him) No, Victor’s a lot of things, but not a killer, Adam says.

Still in the hallway, Abby gets a call from Jack, summoning her to GCM – we’re going to turn off the machines. Abby updates Chelsea, Noah and Marisa. Chelsea heads to Victor’s office to tell Adam.