Thursday, January 14th

Is this about Luca and his family? Chelsea wonders (and is warned to stay out of it) She worries that Adam’s hurt – where is he? Victor will let her know when he finds anything. Of course he’ll tell her the truth. Maybe he’s somewhere he doesn’t want to talk about. Are you implying that Adam’s cheating on me? Chelsea glares at Victor.

Introductions made, Natalie scurries off to a booth – leaving Mariah to tell Kevin she’s not interested in this cloak and dagger stuff. OK, Swiss Miss – let’s clear everything up. People are after me, Natalie’s on the run from investors she made a deal with (when she didn’t hear from Kevin) You did what!? Kevin pales.

Vikki protects Billy from Paul and Dylan’s questions – he can’t give you any info, he’s barely awake! (and now he’s unresponsive again)

He was awake and talking, Vikki tells Dr Delafield. He’s a long way from full recovering – he needs rest. That’s what she was trying to tell Chief Williams (who’s then asked to leave) In the hallway, Vikki scolds Dylan and Paul. How dare they waste the only moment Billy might have had. He’s recovering, Dylan points out. Vikki hopes so. Paul will come back when Billy’s stronger. Vikki prays that happens.

How could you make a deal with someone else? What is Kevin supposed to tell Victor? Natalie was caught offguard when someone approached her to make an offer. And now she can’t back out. The investors are threatening her – that’s why she ran to GC. She kept the money they gave her. She’s a liar and a thief! Mariah tells Natalie she’s on her own. Kevin won’t abandon her – saving her saves us. OK – Mariah will help ‘stash’ Natlie; how about a cardboard box? Not our house. It’s MY house, Kevin clarifies – but OK. No, Natalie didn’t tell the other investors about Kevin – but they may have hacked her computer.

There may be another woman involved, Victor admits – Hope. Chelsea doubts that – we got married in Kansas.Adam would have told me. Stop worrying your pretty head, Victor orders.

Luca wants to give his children a better reputation than the one he was born into. Marisa wants to help legitimize his family’s business (and push his Father out) You’re not ready to committ to a future with me, Luca suspects. Marisa needs more time. How much more time? You share many qualities with your Father; you’re jealous and obsessive, Marisa opines. Yes, but Luca’s also a man of his word. He won’t lose her over tattling on Noah. But you must trust me. Victor calls – I need to see you right away *click*

Chelsea’s summoned Marisa to Top of the Tower – to get her young, tasteful, International perspective.Under the guise of sketching a wedding gown with a Spanish flair, Chelsea fishes for info on Luca’s family (which Marisa detects and calls her out on)

Luca in his office, Victor knows what he’s up to – did you really think you could double cross me? Luca has no reason to hurt Victor or his company. If NE does well, it’s good for everyone.

Yes, Natalie’s computer was hacked into – there’s some issues in her program. It might now work as well as she thought. Mariah hoots – I knew it! She probably can’t even yodel. And what can you do? Natalie retorts – certainly nothing that requires brains and skill.

Back at the station, Paul thinks Vikki had every right to be upset with him. Dylan kept his cool – you’re good at this. He hands him a badge. That’s not just a compliment, it’s an invitation.

In Billy’s room, Dr Delafield tells Vikki that his brain activity is improving. How can she help? Talk to him. Vikki’s left to tell Billy a story – about an entitled, slightly reserved Princess and a gambling, charming frog. She’s determined to make the ending a good one. Once upon a time ….

Kevin and Mariah have brought Natalie to a suite at the club (which she thoroughly checks out) Mariah hisses at Kevin – I don’t like her. You jealous? Kevin grins. Natalie wonders why she’s so hostile. Everything will be fine, Kevin says – Natalie will work on the program and he’ll work things out with Victor.

Paul went through the proper channels – the paperwork’s been filled out. The background check was done. His military experience put Dylan on the fast track. There’s some training and an exam etc. But after that, you’ll be Detective McAvoy. OK, maybe Paul did pull some strings – but you deserved it (if you want it)