Thursday, January 14th

At GCM, Dr Delafield can’t give Paul and Dylan any info (they aren’t family) There’s no way of telling what Billy will remember about the hit and run – if anything.

Vikki puts the toy car in Billy’s hand – she’s not sure how Johnny got it back, but knows Billy wouldn’t give up without a fight. Wake up, please. Resting her head on his arm, she jumps up when Billy moves his hand. Hey Vik, he murmurs.

Kevin’s summoned Mariah to CL’s. Billy’s breathing on his own. It’s a medical miracle, I’m happy for his family (Kev doesn’t sound it) He should have waited before making a deal with Victor. We’re about to be in the middle of an Abbott Newman war, Mariah frets. Give me your phone – hurry! a geeky/pretty young lady appears to bark. Oh no, Kevin groans.

Luca looks out the window of the suite – he’s got a lot on his mind. It’ll be hard to send his Father to prison now that Marco’s dead. Hard to believe he’s dead, Marisa summons Luca back to bed – she knows he wanted to take the family business legitimate. Luca needs to ensure that Adam’s still onboard – and will take what’s rightfully his no matter what it takes. Stay a while longer, Marisa seduces him back to bed.

My son didn’t disappear off the face of the earth – find out where Adam is and if the Santori’s are behind it, Victor orders his guy. Chelsea barges into the office – where the hell is my husband!?

Who are you and why are you barging in telling us what to do? Mariah’s pissed – and why is Kevin letting this woman use his phone? She’s probably downloading an app or her security software, Kevin says. Natalie’s turned off location and reset his SIM – so they can’t track us. They started picking up pings in London. I need you to stash me somewhere. Or NOT, Mariah huffs.

Billy – you’re awake! Vikki will go get the doctor. Billy hanging on to her hand, Vikki tells him that they were all so worried about him. Thank God you’re back.

Seeing Billy move, Paul barges into his room (Dylan on his heels) Who did this to you? he sputters.

In Victor’s office, Chelsea recognizes Victor’s PI. Where’s Adam? He’s busy, Victor’s sure – but can’t tell her what he’s up to.

Luca cuddles Marisa in bed. Oh how he missed this. She misses what they had – at the very beginning. I ruined it, Luca knows (and mentions her feelings for Noah) He loves Marisa and wants to give her a family, and the amazing life they once dreamed of. He just needs to prove his Father’s illegal doings. Marisa may have a way.

Luca doesn’t want to hear about Marisa’s time with Marco. Even if it includes dirt on your Father? He confided in me – and introduced me to his associates (who had dealings with Luca’s Father) Marisa will look through her journal, old text messages and emails, maybe put out some feelers. I want to help. Help me or Noah? Luca knows she’s afraid he’ll tell the police that Noah left Billy for dead.