Friday, January 15th

At the penthouse, Dylan asks Chelsea if she and Adam were in a good place. We ARE – in a great place. No argument? No – Billy almost dying showed Chelsea and Adam that they must appreciate every second together. So, everything was good? Dylan seems dense.

‘Old friend’ Paul drops by Victor’s office – Chelsea filed a missing person’s report. Scoffing at Chelsea’s insecurities, Victor claims that Adam’s on a business trip. If he’s not missing, Paul wonders why Victor’s guys are looking for Adam.

Wheeling a stroller into CL’s, Sharon asks Mariah what she’s doing tonight. Nothing – just hanging with her roommate – Kevin. Then who’s the mystery guest? Sharon eyes take out bags on the counter.

In the suite, Kevin leans over Natalie as she types away on her laptop. It’s not happening. I can’t do this, she seems distracted by Kev’s closeness.

Sharon thinks that a lot of food for two people. We’re just hungry, Mariah then watches as Sage comes in to gush over Sully. Nick also looks uncomfortable as Sharon hands Sully to Sage; both women fawning over him.

Mariah can’t stay – she needs to get this food home. Nick would like to talk to her about Dr Anderson. She’s all over Sharon and oozing into your lives too, Mariah notes. She has her own agenda, watch her, Mariah warns. Look at Sage over there, Sharon looks over – she’s so comfortable with the baby. We all owe Dr Anderson – she knows what I need. Nick wants Sharon to take credit herself – and is alarmed to hear she’s easing off on her meds.

Yes, Chelsea cares for Billy but that has nothing to do with Adam disappearing. He didn’t skip town. Adam and I were FINE. The only issue was him working for Victor and this stupid power struggle with the Santori’s. She has a feeling it’s connected – Luca’s a wild card. He wants to get out from under his Father’s thumb.

At Top of The Tower, Luca assures Marisa that he didn’t kidnap Adam – his only focus is toppling his Father to give her a life beyond reproach. If Marisa has doubts about him, how committed can she be to this relationship and having a life together?

Victor’s looking into Adam’s whereabouts for Chelsea’s sake. He’s not apprehensive about minor business dealings with the Santori’s. Minor? They consider you a partner. Paul also knows that Luca’s overseeing things here at NE. Yes, Paul has more important things to investigate (Billy’s hit and run) Great news that he survived isn’t it? Yes, it is, Victor agrees as Noah enters. Paul is indeed finished – for now. Once alone, Victor tells Noah to calm down – his investigation will lead nowhere. Focus. There’s something Victor need Noah to do.

Kevin insists Natalie focus and fix the problem. Where’s your girlfriend with the food? Natalie has low blood sugar. Kevin rants that Victor will be the one breathing down their necks soon. This internet security software was hacked. You made a deal with me and someone else (and kept their money) You told me the software was ready to go and it’s not – Kevin smells a con.

Back at the station, Paul and Dylan touch base. Victor might have sent Adam off to do some dirty work. Chelsea’s suspicious of Victor and thinks the Santori’s might be involved. No, she has no proof. Paul wonders if Adam working for Victor has caused a rift. No – she says they’re in a good place. What if Adam hasn’t called Chelsea because he can’t?