Monday, January 18th

On the patio, Chelsea tells Sage that she had a bad feeling about Adam leaving town – he always texts her sweet messages – this isn’t like him. Something’s wrong. Sage understands why she’d think that but doesn’t think Victor would harm his son. Chelsea isn’t so sure.

In a suite, Natalie wonders who’s valuable enough to trade for Adam Newman. You’re the girl – they want you and your billion dollar project, Mariah thinks it the people she double crossed. This is so bad – I have to get outta here. No – you’re not going anywhere.

The lie falls easily off Victor’s tongue (and Kevins’) – they were discussing a young lady who wants a job in IT. Nick relays that Chelsea came to him – she’s worried that Adam’s involved in something dangerous. After Kevin’s dismissed, Nick asks, as Victor’s son – do you know where Adam is? What do you think? Victor replies.

In the hallway, Noah tries to stop Luca from barging in to confront Victor. What’s Kevin doing? Something for Victor, it’s not your concern. Marisa disappeared, Noah asks Kevin to tap into the surveillance system – the camera’s aren’t even working yet. Luca finds that quite convenient for the Newmans.

Dylan reminds Sharon that she was supportive of him becoming a Detective. Yes, but why change your mind now that Sully’s here? she worries. I need to do this, Dylan thought she’d understand. No, Sharon doesn’t – ‘I don’t like it’

Alone at the club, Abby flashes back to Ben once telling her she knows nothing about love. Devon appears for a chat, and to offer her a job (not at the club – but with Dr Neville and her Mom) Abby’s committed to Newman and likes working with Vikki and her Dad. She wasn’t frowning over work – someone told her she knew nothing about love. How did she respond? I married him.

Mariah tells Natalie that her running will put Kevin (who believes in her) in a bad position with Victor. You think you can ‘handle Victor’? Trust me, sweetheart, you are WAY out of your league.

As Kevin lurks, Luca wants to see what he can get out of Victor. He won’t admit involvement in Marisa’s disappearance to you, Noah’s sure. Let’s go call your Father and find out when the exchange is taking place.

In the office, Victor claims that Chelsea’s overreacting (and manages to blame Billy) But why hasn’t Adam called? Nick knows he’s to meet the Santori’s. Why would Chelsea tell you this? Victor deflects. If you and Adam are in trouble, Nick wants to help. Victor basically tells him to stay out of it – focus on Sage, not Adam. He’ll be back, Victor guarantees it.

On a bare but spotless mattress (in a scantly furnished bedroom) Marisa is tied to a bed frame by her ankles and wrists.

Nick joins Sage and Chelsea at CL’s to relay catching Kevin and Victor talking about a girl. Victor claims that Adam’s away on business and to stay out of it. After Chelsea huffs off, Nick’s kinda glad his Dad froze him out of the business. How about a date? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Sage spots Dr Anderson’s arrival.

Natalie worries about the powerful people after her. Victor can be your worst enemy or your best friend, Mariah suggests Natalie get on his good side by fixing the software he’s made a deal for.