Tuesday, January 19th

The nurse tells Dr Anderson that a potential patient was asking questions – she and her husband lost a child recently. Yes, Dr Anderson knows exactly who that woman is.

Billy couldn’t be any more contrite – oh how unworthy he’s been. This is my second chance not to screw up my life. And I’m done screwing up yours. I never want to see you cry over me again. Take the kids and live a happy life; find someone who makes you smile. You’re free. Vikki’s freedom is with Billy. You’re my second chance – come home to me so we can make this work ~kiss~

There’s nothing else to say, Sage exclaims – I think she has issues, you think I’m overreacting. Nick was wrong to defend her; shouldn’t have gone against his wife’s instincts. There’s something not right about Dr Anderson. At All. (Dr A is, of course, listening)

Still in the suite, Mariah finds lingerie in Natalie’s bag – she must have come to impress Kevin. She suggests some passwords – try #Kevinhasanicebutt. A video auto-plays on Natalie’s laptop – if you’re listening to this, Victor has me.

Taken to a small office, Natalie requests her laptop – I have a lot of work to do.

Back in his office, Victor yawns – he’s tired of questions. Dylan knows he wants his son back – he wants to bring Adam back too. Can we talk? Victor hits the send button (sending his email to make the trade) OK, let’s talk.


Next: Kevin raises his voice at Mariah – I’m the reason she’s in trouble, so I’m going to help her; with or without you! …. Wait a minute. You talked to Paul? Victor asks Noah; who rambles on – Billy remembers getting beat up – Paul thinks it’s only a matter of time before he remembers what car hit him. MY car! You know that means? I’m going to jail) … Billy flashes back – a license plate.

My Thoughts: Where’s Nikki? Odd that she’s not with Vikki (since she just scolded Victor for choosing business over ‘being there’ for their daughter) Will Dylan tell his Mom that her hubby’s kidnapped not one but two women in the same day? And why can’t he go through phone records and such to catch a criminal – doesn’t he know that’s what a Detective does? Detects stuff?? Victor’s basically confessed – Marisa is the ‘rattled’ victim – what else does Dylan need? … First a coffee shop, then a bar, Nick’s next venture should be a waffle house. He waffles SO much between Dr Anderson and Sage. Stop waffling and pick a side already! It won’t be long before Dr Anderson’s plan (whatever the heck that is) is stepped up. Nick’s on to her and Sage is fishing around … You’d think Traci and Ashley would have found time to get to Memorial to see the brother they’ve just said their teary good bye’s too. And why wouldn’t Vikki have brought the kids (if for no other reason than to have their last visit/memory be of Daddy without hooked up to all sorts of tubes) …. I can’t wait to see Victor’s face when he drops by Vikki’s and finds Billy’s moved back in. That will be the test that determines whether this new Billy will be a successful Billy (is it weird that I think he’s hotter with the head bandage on?)