Wednesday, January 20th

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Kevin flips out upon hearing Natalie’s recorded message (If you’re listening to this, Victor has me) Kevin believes Natalie’s not a con – and he believes Victor has her to trade for Adam. No! Mariah yelps – don’t go barging into Victor’s office. What do I have to lose? Two million dollars.

Dylan’s in a unique position to help get Adam back. Victor’s not interested in involving the police. You haven’t even heard my plan yet, Dylan insists.

Ben welcomes Abby into the suite with a kiss. Hey – she just wanted to check and see how things are going in the man cave – and give Max a game that hasn’t even been released yet. Not even looking up from his game, Max tosses it back at her. Abby and Ben share a worried look.

Downstairs, Marisa squirms when Noah questions her – does Luca know I hit Billy?

Billy’s not up to questions, Vikki’s protective when Paul returns. It’s OK – Billy’s able to talk to Paul; the fog’s lifted. Does that mean you remember something? Paul’s hopeful.

As Max continues to play his game, Ben apologizes and thanks Abby (which is what his son should have done) He misses her too but Max needs to get used to a Dad he barely knows. No, he’s not warm and fuzzy with him either. Abby had this fantasy that Max would appreciate the game and think her the coolest stepmom ever. He just needs time, Ben says. So does your wife, Abby gives him a kiss and exits. Ben then tells Max that Abby’s trying – try be nicer to her. Max is hungry – let’s go eat.

Marisa lies – if Luca knew, he’d use it for leverage. He could be using it as leverage over Victor, Noah then greets Abby. Marisa offers encouraging words and both hear that Billy’s back to normal and that Paul’s questioned him. They’ll catch the driver, she’s sure.

Billy tells Paul what he remembers; he left the wedding early. Gil and his pal beat him in the garage. Next thing he remembers is waking up in hospital. Surprised to hear he was run over by a car, Billy doesn’t think it was Gil either. Vikki arrives – that’s enough. After Paul leaves, Billy wonders where Adam was the night he was run over.

We can’t afford to poke the bear, Mariah tells Kevin – yes, because of the deal. There IS no deal without Natalie, Kevin defends her making another deal. Mariah can’t believe he’s buying the socially inept, no experience with men act – she only fantasizes about you. She said that? Kevin snaps to attention. Natalie isn’t acting – she can’t communicate with people face to face – I understand her. And I owe her. I’m the reason she’s in trouble. Kevin will help Natalie with or without Mariah’s help.

This isn’t about him being Nikki’s son – Dylan declares himself Victor’s best chance of getting Adam back – with the police resources and manpower he’s offering.

At CL’s, Ben plays the game on the laptop. Max laughs because he’s no good – I can teach you. Sliding over to his side of the table, Ben watches as Max taps furiously on the keyboard.

Come on Stitch, pick up, Abby mutters into her phone – flashing back to Dylan’s pep talk on parenting, she stops by on her way to GCM, Noah decides to go with her. Luca comes over to apologize to Noah for losing his temper – he was just concerned about his wife. Noah gets it – I feel the same way. Now alone, Marisa confides that Noah suspects Luca knows about the hit and run. She’s grateful for the way he’s handling everything. Noah has nothing to fear from me, Luca hugs Marisa.