Tuesday, January 19th

Bit of a time crunch today dear readership. So please excuse any extra typos etc.

At CL’s, Dr Anderson thinks it absurd that she has an agenda where Nick’s concerned. She’s just trying to help grieving parents who are just ‘getting by’. If you don’t want my help, fine – I don’t need the hassle. Sandy, Sandy – wait! Nick calls out. She does.

Meanwhile, Sage claims to be a prospective patient or Dr Anderson; who was recommended to her. But she wants to make a personal connection. Is Dr Anderson married – does she have kids (so will know what we’re going through)? The nurse only heard that she was married. That’s a good place to start, Sage thanks her.

Bursting into Billy’s room, Jack and Phyllis are stunned to hear that he was awake. He said my name, Vikki updates – but the doctors don’t know about residual damage. If Billy isn’t Billy, it’ll be my fault, Jack grimaces.

At the club, Noah’s determined to go to the police. Yes, of course he’d turn on his family; Adam and Victor can take care of themselves. That’s what you do when you love someone as Noah loves Marisa (who continues to scream for help)

Mariah arrives at the station to tell Kevin and Dylan that Natalie took off (she wasn’t taken) If she left of her own free will, where’d she go? Dylan wondered.

I’m Natalie, the girl everyone wants. When Victor doesn’t believe her, she guesses he doesn’t want to save his son. Victor narrows his eyes – who are you and what do you know?

Creative story but Victor’s not convinced. We’re all partners, Natalie insists. Yes, she sold it to someone else – the money didn’t come in – things didn’t go as planned – the program has a glitch. Natalie’s surprised to hear Victor paid 1 million (and he realizes Kevin’s taking a 1 million finders fee) Natalie’s not here to offer herself for Adam – let’s not make a mistake. You already have, Victor says.

Jack continues to beat himself up for shutting the machines off – what if Billy was oxygen deprived – what do I say to him if he wakes up? How about welcome back, Billy stuns his brother, Vikki and Phyllis.

Back at CL’s, Nick respects what Dr Anderson’s done for Sharon but it’s not your job to give Sage and me advice. True, but you seemed grateful. Sage is pushing you away and lashing out at me – does her fixation on Sharon’s baby seem normal to you? Nick doesn’t see a fixation – he and Sage are healing just fine. Dr Anderson suggests Sage is scared Nick will leave her. Why do you trust her paranoia over your instincts. Get your wife a doctor now, before things get worse. Nick’s left to get a text from Vikki; Billy’s awake.

Realizing that the common thread is Victor (who probably has Marisa) Dylan’s going to Paul – three lives are at stake here. Too bad if that gets Kevin in trouble with Victor, Dylan exits.