Thursday, January 21st

** No time for spellcheck or proofreading today. I’m late for a funeral viewing **

Escorted into Victor’s office, Natalie complains about being locked up without her laptop or a phone to call Kevin. I’m a prisoner. You’re my guest, Victor disagrees. Paul arrives to say that HE’S the one exchanging her for Adam.

Dylan’s at the penthouse telling Chelsea about the ‘dummy’ exchange tonight. Yes, Victor’s cooperating. Now, they just need to find a place to do the exchange. Hold on, maybe I can help, Chelsea has an idea.

Tied to a chair, Adam grumbles to his captor (who just does what he’s paid to) And who’s paying you???

Phyllis meets Jack at the club’s bar – and is told that Billy’s made a full recovery and is moving in with Vikki – he’s in a good place. Not anymore, Kevin arrives to say.

Billy awakes with a jolt to tell Vikki that he remembers … Do you remember who hit you? she wonders.

Billy remember the pavement, taillights coming at him. Vikki doesn’t care about catching the driver – she has Billy again – the future matters more than the past. Maybe we’ll take a vacation. Even just a walk in the park, to visit Dee Dee’s tree. Billy has things to fix. The one thing he had to prove he’s not a screw up is in Victor’s hands. Billy’s grateful, but even on the brink of death, Victor screws over the Abbott’s.

Jack’s not happy that Kevin told Billy that Victor stole his deal. He’s been bounced from the project too. It’ll blow up soon because Adam’s being helpd for ransom for the brainiac. Oops – that’s supposed to be a secret. Jack says the only person to blame for Adam being kidnapped is the person he shouldn’t have gone back in business with.

Chief Williams announces that Victor will be taking a back seat on this – the GCPD are calling the shots. The plan is to trade Natalie for Adam (you’ll be safe) Natalie’s leave out so that Paul makes it clear that he’s in charge. Victor trusts the plan keeps Adam safe. If he gets hurt, no one will be safe.

Chelsea’s planning a pop-up preview fashion show – she can do it tonight. As Dylan approves, Chelsea chooses dresses from a rack – this must be perfect! Dylan tells her to stay calm. She’s scared – I might lose Adam all over again.

Adjusting Adam’s restraints, the thug ignores his questions and leaves his phone behind. Adam begins to try free himself.

Jack has faith Adam will be fine (because Paul’s involved) Kevin feels horrible for going to Victor instead of waiting for Billy.

Vikki tells Billy to forget the deal ~kiss~ And he’d really like to see the kids – and hear Katie call him Da Da again. How did you know that was her first word? Vikki wonders.

Dylan reassures Chelsea – he and Adam have both been in scarier situations than this. Victor won’t be a problem.