Friday, January 29th

Early again. I’m off to the airport then on my way to sunny Florida til Wednesday! I’ve arranged for coverage, so there should be no interruption. In fact, you might just get a spoiler with fewer typos and grammatical errors!

Vikki returns to find Billy celebrating with Jack and Phyllis. Thrilled to hear he’s going back to Jabot, Vikki captures the momentous occasion with a photo (yet for some reason, she cuts Billy out of the shot)

Sage is talking to a therapist. Asked about Nick, Sage flashes back to him being supportive but pretends to be annoyed that he shares children with other women (something they’ll never share) Dr Anderson walks in as Sage admits that yes, she blames Nick for the loss of their child.

At the penthouse, Chelsea wants to know what Victor’s holding over Adam’s head. Adam denies he’s being blackmailed – I have no secrets from you. Chelsea persists – I’m strong enough to handle the truth. There’s nothing to worry about, Adam claims. Chelsea’s not buying it – you won’t even let me know what we’re up against. Knock knock – Nick barges in to accost Adam; we need talk about Sage – let’s get everything out in the open.

Dr Anderson takes a seat as Sage tells her therapist that Nick never really loved her – he felt trapped. After losing Christian, ‘this woman’ came along – she wants Nick. Dr Anderson stands to say she hoped Sage would realize she needs help, but clearly …. When Dr Shelby comes in, he’s encouraged to talk to in front of Sage. It seems there might be another reason for her erratic behavior – we should rescind her commitment papers pending test. You can’t do that, Sage surprised all. You want to be committed? Dr Shelby asks.

Adam doesn’t believe Nick’s on Sage’s side – locking her up in a mental institution isn’t helping at all. Nick’s not having Dr Anderson treat Sage. But she is a good doctor – ask Sharon and Dylan. Chelsea knows how difficult it is to help someone who keeps fighting you. Adam admits that Sage told him to back off. So, why aren’t you? Nick wonders what gives Adam the right to interfere.

The Abbott’s continue to celebrate Billy being a full partner at Jabot. Vikki’s surprised to hear that Abby’s gone to work for Neville and Ashley. Back to Billy, Jack’s glad he’s not bitter about losing this Internet deal – no looking back. Vikki’s reminded to share her good news – Dr Shelby says Billy can come home. AND, she’s overseeing the Internet project while her Dad’s out of town. Phyllis and Billy share a look.

Jack gripes about Victor tossing aside the project he stole from Billy. Phyllis thinks he wants to come between him and Vikki. Well that won’t happen, she told her Dad that she and Billy are stronger than ever. She’s just keeping an eye on this hacker girl. After a nurse brings in a chair, Jack and Phyllis step out – Jack again complains about Victor stealing Billy’s project then pawning it off. Let. It. Go. Phyllis orders.