Monday, February 22nd

Still got your ad blocker on; please consider taking a moment to disable it while on this safe site. It’ll take less time than it does to read today’s spoiler and a lot less time than it takes me to type it out. Typos of this magnitude don’t come easy 😉

At the club, Elise Moxley joins Nikki (as ‘mandated’ – so cut to the chase) You can be of use to me Judge Moxley, Nikki sniffs.

Summer finds Natalie still working away on her laptop – you look like the walking dead. You look like a walking cupcake. Summer thinks Natalie needs some retail therapy – let’s go shopping. As Summer goes up to shower, Natalie jumps online to spy on Victor (who’s at the office telling Adam that things got out of hand with Luca)

In the suite Jack’s rented for Neil, he’s ‘off the grid’ and won’t leave his friend. How does Neil feel? Hungover – why do I keep doing this!? I don’t WANNA sit down – being a recovering addict isn’t the same! he whines. YOU’VE got a good wife. Neil used to have one too – but now his son’s got her!!

In the lab, Hilary reads raves reviews of her saving Neil’s press conference. Devon’s distracted by her beauty. Hilary ducks out of his kiss to talk about capitalizing in this buzz. Perhaps she should step in to take over for Ashley – for the good of the project of course.

At Top of the Tower, Ashley (Neville beside her) opens a gift from Abby and Ben – a onesie? I’m not pregnant. No, but I am! Abby announces. Ashley can’t quite force her smile to stay in place.

Ashley’s just shocked at being made a grandma so soon is all. Max only has a half day of school – so the Rayburns leave to pick him up. That leaves Neville to ask how Ashley really feels – I haven’t given up on you – don’t give up on yourself (he also mentions her having a fling with her son in law)

Nikki wants Judge Moxley assigned to her grandson’s case – and to assign him community service instead of jail. Or else? Nikki will let the world know about Elise’s affair with Victor (which won’t be good for her Senator husband, or her kids) Noah will see no jail time, Elise agrees (and thinks Nikki and Victor a compatible couple) there’s no level you people won’t stoop to. You don’t want to make an enemy of me or my family, Nikki warns.

Natalie listens/watches as Adam assumes Victor’s too smart to kill Luca. Am I? Summer rushes in (she wasn’t in the shower after all) From the snippet she overhears, she’s in a panic – Grandpa wants Adam to kill Luca!

That peacock is a liability that must be handled, Victor tells Adam. Grandpa wants Adam to murder Luca! Summer yelps. Natalie thought Victor just fired people. Summer thought she’d catch Natalie playing video games – not THIS (she runs out to do something about it)

Victor’s not talking about killing the boy. What then? Adam asks – there’s a limit to what he’s willing to do. Victor threatens to expose that he fathered Christian. Realizing he’s trapped, Adam exits (as Natalie continues to spy)

About to leave with his bags, Luca finds a guard at his door – Mr Newman says you’re to wait here. How much to look the other way? Luca offers cash.