Tuesday, February 23rd

A storm brewing outside, Adam comes home to find Summer with Chelsea. His hands shaking as he pours a stiff drink, Adam’s asked if Victor asked him to kill Luca – that’s not true, right???? Chelsea implores.

Natalie lets Billy and Phyllis in from the storm. My life is in danger! she wails – that’s why I had to …. there was no other option!

Babysitting at Sharon’s, Sage tells Faith not to worry about the storm – or Noah. Faith heard Mommy and Dylan fighting about it last night – she doesn’t want Noah to go to jail. Sully asleep, Sage gives Faith a hug.

His room filling up, Noah’s updated (by his parents) that he’ll be released on bail, and Marisa won’t be charged. Nikki arrives with more good news – Noah might not even go to trial – she has faith that things will work out. They often do when your last name’s Newman, Dylan adds wryly.

Chuckling, Dylan does NOT want Noah to go to jail (as Sharon wonders) Alright boys, that’s enough, Nikki scolds her bickering sons. Marisa arrives to runs to greet Noah and thank Nick for paying her bail. My son loves you – don’t make him regret it and we’re even, Nick says.

In the hallway, Dylan asks Nikki what strings she pulled – looks like she’s learned some tricks from Victor. Nikki can’t fault Victor for his devotion to family. Yes, but did Nikki’s devotion break the law??? Nikki thinks Dylan will make a good cop, but don’t look for crime where there is none. Be safe, she gives him a peck goodbye.

Between crashes of thunder, Sage tells Faith that Noah had an accident, he’s not going to jail. Dylan’s a wonderful man, but he’s also a police officer; he’s doing his job. Your Mommy and Daddy are doing their jobs too. Noah will be home soon. In Sage’s arms, Faith is so happy she’s there.

Billy and Phyllis can’t help but be impressed to hear that Natalie hid a camera in Victor’s office – let’s see it.

Adam assures Summer that her Grandfather’s a lot of things, but Mafia Don isn’t one of them. When Chelsea informs that Summer heard their conversation, Adam’s lead to believe she was eavesdropping (no mention of Natalie’s camera) Adam keeps insisting that Victor just wants Luca out of town, not dead. Not convinced, Summer leaves Chelsea to yet again ask Adam what Victor’s holding over him.

Arts and crafts time ends when the storm knocks the lights out at Sharon’s. I want Mommy and Daddy – now, Faith asks Sage to call them. Uh oh, the phone line’s are down and no cell signal. I don’t like this, Faith clings to Sage.

The lights flicker at GCM. Dylan appreciates Nick driving Sharon home. Be safe, Sharon gives her hubby a kiss and exits. Summer runs up to Dylan and Marisa – have you soon Luca? No. And clearly not giving a rats ass, Marisa clip clops off for Noah’s release papers – leaving Summer to tell Dylan that Victor had Adam kill Luca.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea’s sure Victor has something on Adam – it’s not just you wanting to prove yourself. Let me in – we can face it together. Getting a call from Nikki, Adam’s cut off abruptly. I’m just going to check on her. I’ll be right back, he grabs his coat and bolts.

Billy and Phyllis don’t think the video proves Victor had Adam kill Luca. Natalie then tells them about Victor’s visit – he said if she didn’t prove her program works, she’d get worse than fired – so I showed him. I thought he was going to kill me! Billy’s livid – we can’t let Victor win! Phyllis remains calm – he hasn’t won yet.

Finding Top of the Tower empty, Billy and Phyllis help themselves to red wine – cheers. Oh how this place invites disaster. Let’s hope this night doesn’t end in disaster. Victor’s a walking disaster. The hold he has over Vikki is love – with Adam it’s something else; fear? We need to find out what Adam’s biggest fear is, they clink glasses.