Friday, February 19th

I have a splitting headache today so please excuse the lack of proofreading and coherent sentences 🙂

Reminding Adam that Luca blackmailed him TWICE over Noah, Victor’s now eliminated that problem. Adam doesn’t want to ‘step back’ – he’s dying to know what Victor had in store for Luca and the Santori’s. Nikki races in to announce that Noah’s in the hospital (and under arrest) Victor knows, Adam tattles – he put him there.

In his hospital room, Noah agrees with Vikki – he needs to own up to hitting Billy. His parents listen as Noah explains that he didn’t realize it until later. He wants to apologize to Billy. Vikki knows he’d appreciate that. But she also knows Noah’s not a man who runs from his mistakes – you need to tell the police. Absolutely not, Sharon says.

In the hallway, Marisa insists that Noah IS innocent (telling Dylan that she was driving the car that hit Billy)

Natalie can’t possibly work with Summer playing Sugar Rush on her phone. Victor could take her head off before she works the bug out of her program. When Kevin arrives to update Summer on Noah, he’s left (as planned) to scold Natalie for avoiding him.

At CL’s, Billy was shocked to realize Noah hit him – but it wasn’t a surprise to Chelsea was it? No, she came to tell him that day – but he seemed OK with everything – and the accident is what brought him back to Vikki. You’re still grateful, right? To a Newman who almost killed me? Oh – so you can’t get revenge on Victor so you will on his grandson? Chelsea frowns.

How can you tell Noah to turn himself in? The police have no evidence. If Billy can forgive you … Noah’s OK with going to the police. Talk to him, Sharon appeals to Nick. But he agrees that going to the police is the right thing. But why did you lie? run off another country? Noah wanted to. What stopped you? Victor, all realize.

Nick informs that Victor said Marisa was behind the cover up. She was here, Sharon adds (but ‘that one’ can take care of herself) No surprise that Adam bought Noah the ticket. Noah came to GCM to tell Vikki everything, but Victor said it would make things worse. Vikki admits it would have. Sharon tells her to get her head out of the sand and stop defending Victor. Your Grandfather told you to cover up your mistake, then he told the police. Do you still want to give up your life knowing your Grandpa set you up?

Natalie hasn’t been avoiding Kevin, she’s struggling with Passkey – and why does he think she’s double crossing Victor. Vikki asked Kevin to consult on the project – is that how you’re cutting us back in? That IS what you said. What’s the plan? Sorry, but Natalie doesn’t have a plan (or a lot of room to maneuver) And then there’s this guy, Luca arrives wanting an update on Passkey. Natalie and Kevin share a look.

Nick and Sharon come out to find Dylan placing Marisa under arrest. Before you take her, Noah wants to talk to you, Nick says. No! No! Marisa shouts (clearly heard by Noah and Vikki)

Victor claims Adam’s putting a spin on things. So, you didn’t call Paul and rat Noah out? Nikki’s horrified. You turned your back on your own family, Adam leaves Victor to explain it to Nikki. There’s a lot you don’t know – our grandson left the country, with Marisa and wasn’t coming back. That’s not the future Victor wants for Noah. And prison is!? Nikki doesn’t want to hear anymore – you’ve gone too far this time! she slams out.