Wednesday, February 24

Time crunch today – y’all know what that means…..

Lighting candles in Victor’s office, Vikki scolds her Father for pulling a gun on Luca. Victor made a point – and Adam had to get him out of town. There’s no need for Vikki to defend Victor to the Abbott’s – Luca needed to understand what’s going on. Natalie needed to know what’s at stake too.

Natalie and Summer scramble to hide from whomever’s breaking in. Luca!?

Oh so cozy in front of the fire, Sharon and Nick discuss Noah; we need to get him through this. As Sharon leans her head on Nick, she’s surprised when Dylan comes home. I guess I didn’t need to worry if you were OK, he says with mild sarcasm.

Jack joins Nikki at the club’s bar – what she heard upstairs …. That my husband’s a kidnapping monster? There must be some kind of justice. No, Phyllis has suffered enough, Jack doesn’t want anyone to know.

I’m not a noble as you think I am, Billy says. At Top of the Tower, Phyllis concludes ‘we get each other’. You know me better than Vikki, Billy says – I love her, plan to marry her. But there’s something big between us I’m not willing to let go of.

In the dark apartment, the storm still raging, a terrified Summer and Natalie understandably want to know why Luca’s busted through their door. Was he being chased? Yes – but he lost them. Yes, of course, Summer was worried, and relieved to hear Luca was ordered onto a plane, concludes that her Grandpa may not have wanted him dead, but he wants Luca out of town – he doesn’t forgive and forget – there’s no fixing this.

Back at NE, Victor won’t say how – but he did convince Natalie to show him the working program. She’s more trouble than she’s worth, Vikki can’t believe Back she tried to con Victor. If she was stalling to sell to another buyer, Victor will find out who that is.

Back at TotT, Billy and Phyllis debate justice vs. vengeance. Victor’s a vicious man, the fact that he has respect, money, family who defends him insults Phyllis (and the universe) He tried to destroy the Abbott’s – but this is a chance to show Victor that he can’t always win. Billy didn’t think anyone hated Victor as much as he did – what did he do to you???

Jack won’t let Phyllis become tabloid fodder – one day Victor WILL pay – but Phyllis can’t take anymore (nor can the marriage) Let it go, he begs Nikki.

Dylan’s fine – where are the kids? Sage took them to her place – it was cold here, hence the fire. Dylan does indeed think there was a backroom deal made re: Noah. As hugs abound when Sage brings the kids home, Dylan looks like an outsider.