Thursday, March 10th

At the club, Jack continues to worry about Victor suing them for hiring Natalie. NE doesn’t want anything to do with Passkey, Vikki turned it down, Billy informs – and canceled the wedding.

Vikki’s not at GCM to gloat, she wants an honest conversation with Victor (who vows to reclaim his spot and throw her out) He doesn’t need her help fixing the company – I have all the help I need.

Mike updates Phyllis at CL’s – he convinced Victor to hire him. Good, Phyllis needs Victor to pay for what he did. Yes, but he’s a shrewd man, if he catches on, Mike gets disbarred and Victor goes free. Mike must play this very carefully, but getting Victor convicted is the right thing to do.

The Rayburns chat at GCM. Abby’s heart breaks for Max – but the baby she’s having will need Ben too. Max doesn’t want to share you with me, he won’t want to share you with this new baby. He almost went into foster care to get your attention. What will Max do when the baby comes? Abby worries.

Ben’s married to my daughter – I’m over him, Ashley insists – what happened in the fire…. What fire? Max barges into the lab’s office to ask.

I got the job! No more Newman. No more Victor! Adam’s rewarded with an excited hug from a delighted Chelsea.

Ben doesn’t want Abby to apologize. We’re a team. This baby is his bright spot. Oh how in love the Rayburns are. All will be well.

Adam and Chelsea discuss where to live in New York and how often Anita will be flown out to visit. We’re outta here ~kiss~

As Billy tells Jack that Vikki will forgive her Father now that she’s dumped HIM, Phyllis appears to take the blame. Yes, it blew up in our faces but we can still win.

Listing a few of the incidents they’ve forgiven each other for, Vikki only wants to protect Victor’s legacy. I protect my own damn legacy, he grumbles – as Mike arrives to talk strategy. Vikki dismissed, Mike can’t file a motion to have the charges dropped. How do you plan to get me out of this? Victor wants to know.

Phyllis gives Billy a pep talk; Vikki’s an uptight Daddy’s girl. You’re a walking disaster. It’ll work out. OK – Billy won’t give up. That leaves Jack to say that it’s too late – too many lies. Phyllis wonders why Jack’s acting like Billy’s the only one to blame here.

Mike outlines his defense – showing Jack’s obsession with attacking Victor and the company. Putting the family on the stand – to show the jury that Victor’s the ultimate Father figure. Mike knows what it’s like to want Victor’s approval – the jury will feel the same way. Not responding, Victor takes Mikes phone to make a call.