Wednesday, March 9th

Nick and Sage are now bickering at the GCAC. She’s pissed that Nick accused her of trying to replace Christian with Shawn’s baby – he’s irreplaceable. Stop questioning me – support me – can you do that?

At GCM, Simon does indeed feel Ashley needs an MRI. The results will go to him alone. Looking weary, Ashley wonders if the side effects are worth it – maybe it’s time to stop treating me – this isn’t the life Ashley wants.

Abby joins Nikki and Vikki in Victor’s office – her stomach is in knots over this meeting; she’s not sure she can kick her Father out of his company. Have you thought about what this will do to him? Or what the fallout may be for us?

What were you thinking? Going after my Mom and Jack made things worse, Summer whines to Victor – she’s also there about the board meeting. Victor knows Nikki and Vikki are voting him out – but he won’t let it happen.

At the penthouse, Adam raves about his amazing job interview. He’ll be going back to his roots (hedge funds) Chelsea’s excited too – they’ll be moving to Manhattan. It’ll be a new amazing life. But now Adam has to go to Newman, it’s a formality – his last official business is to vote Victor out. Please tell my you’ll walk away after that, Chelsea worries he’ll want to run NE.

Neat tears, Ashley feels a shadow of herself, sleepwalking through every aspect of her life. Simon may not have cured the illness, but he’s stopped it’s progression. if you go off the medication, there’s only one possibility. You are NOT quitting! Simon tells Ashely; as her friend, doctor and not so secret admirer. Yes, he is willing to ignore that it’s Ashley’s decision.

Nick thinks Sage comes across as desperate around Shawn. That hurts Sage’s feelings – at least she knows what she wants. Does Nick? Or is he looking for excuses? Nick wants this baby too. Then prove it – make sure this adoption goes forward. She’s here, Sage puts on a smile to welcome Shawn. After Nick makes a polite exit, Shawn wastes no time grilling Sage – I saw you fighting. You guys do that a lot?

Adam doesn’t give a damn about a corner office – he wants a life with Chelsea (who suggests he resist the temptation) Encouraged to ‘get tough’ with Adam, Chelsea won’t allow him to leave the penthouse.

Summer will happily vote on Victor’s behalf, but she wasn’t able to sway the family – there might be enough votes to get you out. You’re the only one who’s come to see me, Victor whines – they’re all traitors. They all live in the lap of luxury because of my struggle. They, they, they…. something is wrong …. they, they …. Victor grabs his temples. Summer raps on the door – we need help in here! I don’t know where I am, Victor looks befuddled.

Vikki and Nikki stand firm – Victor has no excuse for what he did to Phyllis and Jack. And then there’s poor Ben’s sister. He has a lot to deal with – finding out Kelly was murdered, Abby agrees. We have to remain strong for your Father, Nikki insists – this is a wake-up call, not a punishment, a chance for salvation. This damn place is toxic. Please, join us in saving your Father from it.

Sage claims she and Nick weren’t fighting – it was an emotional conversation. Part of us died with Christian – we’re still healing. So this baby’s to save your marriage? Shawn asks.

Nikki’s surprised when Nick arrives – he’s abstaining on his vote, but will vote Vikki in as CEO if Adam makes a play for it. Summer arrives to relay Victor’s episode (he was fine by the time the ambulance came but is getting checked out at GCM) Nikki doesn’t believe it for a minute – he’s manipulating us.