Friday, March 11th

At the club, Natalie asks Jack where Billy is. The beta program rocks. Good for you – too bad I’m killing the project, Jack snarls.

Upstairs, Phyllis assumes Billy hit the bottle last night due to Vikki dumping him. You gotta be sharp for Noah’s trial. Billy didn’t drink last night. Handing him a hangover protein cocktail, Phyllis doesn’t believe him (or blame him)

Noah and Marisa are with Leslie at Top of the Tower. He wants to postpone the trial so he can marry Marisa (so they can’t be forced to testify against each other) Leslie doesn’t think it’ll do any good. The plan is to ask for leniency. As Leslie excuses herself to take a call, Luca finds Noah kissing Marisa. Awww – so tragic – the young lovers last meal, he taunts.

Nick and Sage are with Dylan and Sharon at CL’s. Dylan’s the first to leave – he’s a witness for the prosecution.

At the courthouse, Nikki wants a word with Judge Moxley (who won’t show her family mercy – you were ready to rip mine apart)

Feeling guilty, Phyllis wishes she could help Billy (who drinks her concoction) He’ll get through this – by making billions off Passkey (and rubbing it in Victor’s face)

Jack tells Natalie that he doesn’t want to build his business on deceit and backdoor deals – or be sued for corporate espionage. Billy and Phyllis arrive to say Passkey isn’t scrapped. Are you afraid of Victor? Phyllis taunts. Billy leaves her to deal with Jack (as Natalie hovers)

Sharon knows Dylan will do what he can to help Noah. Giving Sage a kiss, Nick leaves for court with Sharon.

Noah doesn’t hide behind his family’s name, Marisa tells Luca. We’ll see, he replies.

My marriage is over, Judge Moxley tells Nikki – my kids are confused – but she will rule based on the facts. It’s time the Newman’s were a little afraid.