Monday, March 14th

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Awkwardness at the penthouse; Shawn’s aware that Nick isn’t thrilled that Sage has invited her to stay with them. Sage insists they wouldn’t feel right about a pregnant woman staying where she doesn’t feel safe. Right, Nick?????

At the club, Phyllis is pissed that Jack’s nixed Passkey and stormed out. Billy thinks he might be right – what if Victor finds out she was the one who had Adam kidnapped. Victor doesn’t scare Phyllis – what could be worse than putting Marco in her bed? Lose Passkey and we lose billions. You could lose Jack, Billy warns.

Jack gripes to Neil at Top of the Tower; some things can’t be fixed no matter how much you love someone.

In bed, Marisa is all mopey – what if we both end up in prison? Noah reassures that their future starts today.

On the patio, Summer and Luca are bickering about whose fault it is that Victor’s behind bars. Luca shares that the division heads are unhappy with Vikki taking over instead of Adam. So did my grandfather, Summer confides.

When Vikki comes looking for help with the disgruntled division heads, Victor laughs at her audacity.

Victor knew it was only a matter of time before Vikki came to him for help – why would he rescue her? Vikki doesn’t need help or rescuing – she needs Victor to call and reassure some nervous division heads. Are you getting nervous now? Victor refuses. You wanted to run things, so go ahead.

Back at CL’s, Summer thinks that maybe Adam has indeed left NE to focus on his family. Nikki dismisses Luca (who hopes everything works out with her grandson) Nikki wonders if Summer could be in the courtroom when Noah’s verdict comes in – or is she only loyal to her grandfather? Summer defends her grandpa – he needs you (even more than your grandkids do)

Why yes, Nick agrees – Shawn shouldn’t go where she doesn’t feel safe. He only worries that …. Sage shuts him up. Nick doesn’t want to do anything that will jeopardize the adoption. Shawn’s happy they give a damn about her. We’re all in this together, Sage fawns over Shawn. Absolutely, Nick lies. Sharon arrives to update that Judge Moxley has her verdict. After Nick and Sharon leave, Shawn drops yet another pointed comment about Nick and Sharon being close.

Over soda water, Jack rants n raves about Phyllis need for revenge against Victor. Neil again states they can’t run a foundation to help people and not be willing to help Victor. Thos constant need to top each other has to stop, Jack agrees.

No, Billy’s not suggesting WE walk away from this deal. Just Phyllis (he’s already lost Vikki and won’t let her lose Jack) You can fix this. Phyllis loves Jack but won’t give up this deal. Billy has a plan – delay the deal until Victor goes to prison. No one will beat us to market on this. The verdict’s in, Billy gets a phone alert and leaves for the courthouse (telling Phyllis to go make amends with Jack)