Friday, March 18th

As Marisa fiddles with her ring, Noah returns to apologize for acting like a jerk and letting Luca get to him. Marisa forgives and kisses him.

As Luca and Vikki butt heads at the bar, Mike appears – problem? Not at all – we were discussing the future, Luca says the walks off. Vikki needs to see her father – please make it happen. Lauren thinks Vikki is threatened by Luca. Mike notes that Vikki won’t have anyone to watch her back if Victor’s in prison.

As Neil goes to mingle, Hilary grumbles that he’s not grateful. And is was pathetic that she had to call Ashley out. It’s just a matter of time before she’s added to the board. In fact, she might end up running the whole thing.

Jack worries – where are Billy and Phyllis? In some boring meeting, Summer assumes.

A fire raging in the fireplace and a bottle of wine opened, Phyllis toasts to new digs – Billy to the woman who makes things happen.


Next: Devon looks worried as he hugs Hilary. I’m gonna run this town, she hisses in his ear … If you were to listen to me, this time you’d know that I’m here to help YOU … Billy Abbott? an officer’s at the door. Billy and Phyllis look worried.

My Thoughts: At least Sharon had the sense to wonder if her having a ‘skillset’ was a joke Chelsea was making. I wonder what Hilary thinks HER skillset is (besides having sex on couches and spending Devon’s money) … Could Billy possibly have found a more dreary and depressing blue to paint the mansion? He’s lucky Kay can’t see it … OK – so Max is old enough to know what a spectro- thermometer and defecator is but scared of a little thunder? And yes, I too am wondering wth a defecator is and why it’s cool … You can really see who’s wearing the pants in Devon and Hilary’s relationship. Any time Devon looks tempted to speak up, a kiss makes him forget all about what a bitch Hilary is ….Why no press at the gala? No alcohol here tonight? Neil boasts – obviously forgetting that there’s a fully stocked bar in clear view behind him. If you wanted no alcohol, hold your gala in one of your rehab centers – or even the Founders Room upstairs. But why even have an alcohol free gala? A. The donour’s purse strings will loosen up with liquor. B. Neil and Jack are the only addicts there – and C. the whole goal is helping addicts transition after rehab; that INCLUDES resisting the temptation of alcohol, not hiding from it. Odd that fellow alcoholic and sponsor Nikki wasn’t in attendance. Surely she’d throw in her million too. How convenient that the Ashby’s ducked out before the hat was handed around for donations. And the richest woman there was upstairs laying down because her baby kicked her completely flat stomach. Vikki also has a half a billion in the bank, and she didn’t donate a dime… Of course the lights went out. There’s always trouble when a storm blows through town. It’ll be so refreshing if Billy and Phyllis managed to endure a power out without resorting to sex. We Canadians lose power frequently in the winter – it doesn’t make whomever we’re stuck with any more jump-able. I have a generator just in case … If Mike’s plan goes as hoped, Vikki won’t know Victor’s being defended all the way to a guilty verdict. Is Mike second guessing his plan because Vikki ‘won’t have anyone to watch her back’? She’s a grown woman in her 40’s. If anyone needs someone watching his back it’s the Baldwin’s young druggie son. Vikki can watch hers just fine (or hire someone to watch it for her)